Top 3 Places to Party in Dresden

Top 3 Places to Party in Dresden

Top 3 Places to Party in Dresden

Offering you with a perfect mix of fashion, history, and nightlife is the city of Dresden! With neighborhoods surrounded by baroque architecture and majestic churches, this German tourist spot keeps you busy all day long for sure. Centrally located districts Alstadt and Neustadt hold most of the attractions of the city, but as you dig in deeper, you also find some of the lesser-known gems of the city.

Vibrant and beautiful might be the trails of Dresden, but what lures the night crawlers is the nightlife that the city offers. Dresden is a cultural center and there's always a variety of options for nightlife here. Whether you are looking for drama, classic concerts, punk rock shows, or just a good place for dancing and drinking, each and everyone will find something here which will entice them. The Dresden nightlife has an interesting collection of bars and clubs, some of those that might surprise you as well! With location along the picturesque and marvelous River Elbe, many of the nightspots have outdoor facilities allowing you to enjoy in the outdoor atmosphere and take in the breeze of this beautiful city. Also one of the highlights of the city is its delicious food which you won't be able to resist on a night out with your families or friends. Check out the best places to party in Dresden:

1. Neustadt

Neustadt holds a reputation for being one of hippest party areas of Dresden. More than 100 clubs and bars are wedged in this area and which comes with fact that this neighbourhood is a multicultural melting pot. And on weekends, the streets of Neustadt are at its best as the young professional and students embrace the nightlife. One of the many places is The Groove Station with a very cool ambiance and many time bands playing. The place has a football table and billiards inclusive, and is great for young people seeking some good time with their mates. Also, the club has a massive dance floor for those who want to dance the night away. Another place is the Scheune, which is a cultural center in the middle of Neustadt. With Lots of live bands, readings, as well as a cinema and a theatre, there are new events everyday ranging from concerts of different musical styles, from cabaret and films to discos. Another very popular nightspot of Dresden is the Downtown. If you want to take a ride down to 70 and 80s, then the Downtown is perfect for you. There are many places to choose from like Katy's Garage, Pier15, the old Slaughterhouse, Blue Note, Koralle.

2. Altstadt

Best described as ostentatious and glamorous with many attractions, Altstadt is also much frequented for its nightlife as well. Between the Elbe River and the Zwinger on the west of Teaterplatz, stands the Semperoper (Semper Opera House). One of the most expensive opera houses in the world the building is designed by Gottfried Semper, the same architect who designed the Zwinger. Catching here a performance would be a perfect start to your night. And the Zwinger, lying in the district concerts, is often accompanied by ballet recitals. The district is perfect if you are into art and culture, Alstadt is great for you. Also, the area doesn't fall short on dining and drinking options including one of the famous ones, Barcelonetta Tapas Bar. Offering genuine Spanish cuisine, the bar is an exquisite spot filled with delicious food and great wine. Some more places to choose from are Max Altstadt, New York Bagel Bar, Jazz club tone.

3. Suvorstadt

The district Suvorstadt is on the south of the city and is populated with students and young families, mainly because of the fact that the Technical University and University of applied sciences have campuses here. There are takeaways, bars, and cafes lined in this district. One of the most popular bars is the Dresden Gin House, which is a Gin Lounge with a typical English Atmosphere. The Gin House is a place with elegant touches to its ambiance. Decorated with Chandeliers, it exudes a James bond vibe, while martinis and cha, pane getting served from the bar. There are several places to choose from this district such as Keller Club, Bella Italia, Sonder bar, and Campus. The neighbourhood is great for having a great time whole traveling in Germany.

How can a city have a perfect day life and a marvelous nightlife? Well, try Dresden and you’ll know!

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