Top 3 Places to Party in Darjeeling

Top 3 Places to Party in Darjeeling

Top 3 Places to Party in Darjeeling

Ranked among one of the most beautiful hill stations of India, Darjeeling is where you get to see a lot of scenic views of greens and blues, that is coupled with a rather low key, but exotic nightlife too. Some might think that the city goes off by 8, but when you will step out in the dark, you’d get to witness an entirely different face of this hill station in India.

The old hill town with its colonial charm has a decent amount of spots that are pretty sure to entertain you once after the sun goes down in the city. So if you hit the North East, check out the best places to experience the nightlife of Darjeeling:

1. Laden La Road

Laden La Road is the heart of Darjeeling's nightlife. The district owns some of the great nightspots and party opportunities of Darjeeling. One of the very popular spots in the city is Joey's Pub, a traditional British style pub that houses in a cozy cottage building. The pub is owned and is also being run by Puran Gongba, a charming man in his middle age. There are several tables with comfortable cushioned seats, and you can also enjoy watching a sports channel on LCD TV. The place is great to unwind yourself after a long day of exploring the city of Darjeeling. Another spot is located on the road just opposite the state bank of India, The Park. The restaurant is located on the upper floor of a two-storied building and was established in the year 1993. The Park has created its own name for its sumptuous great Thai delicacies as well as Indian and Chinese dishes. The bar here is also well stocked with both Indian and foreign spirits and beers. They also house some great selection of wine. So if you are looking for some great food and drinks, the place is great!

2. Nehru road

A few minutes away from Laden La road lays another nightlife area of Darjeeling, Nehru Road. In this part of the city, you get some of the great spots where you could unwind and enjoy the nights of Darjeeling. One of the great places in this district is the Glenary's Restaurant and Bar. The ambience of the venue constitutes of old colonial charm. As you head to the upper floor of Glenary's building, the high ceiling catches your eye with artworks on it and the huge dining hall still maintains the grandeur that it has over 100 years back! This is a relatively upscale spot and offers a wide array of options both for food and drinks. The overall ambience is comfortable and amiable. As you sit next to one of the windows overlooking the Nehru Road below, you see a continuous flow of people rushing by the streets. On another side of the room, the windows open to a phenomenal view of mountains and valleys. In the basement of the building, you find another place called the Buzz, again a sophisticated upscale bar, which is a well-known part of Glenary serving exotic food. As you walk in, the bar counter is in the right front of you, offering a wide range of drinks and hookah. The atmosphere is very casual with music always playing in the background.

3. Zakir Hussain Road

A bit afar from Chowrasta is the Zakir Hussain road, where you find some interesting spots of the city that define the nightlife of Darjeeling. The most prominent club in Darjeeling, Darjeeling Gymkhana Club was established in 1909, occupying over 2 acres of land area during the British era. You can visit the club as a guest or may take up a temporary membership to visit. The club offers temporary memberships even for few days to enjoy the club facilities. The food offered here is excellent and they serve various different cuisines including Chinese, Tibetan, Continental, North Indian, and Bengali dishes. You can also enjoy the various choices of drinks in the separate bar of the club. Another spot in this district is Gatty's café. Live bands play in evenings in here and this is probably the only bar in the city which stays open till late night so this might be a great spot for night owls in Darjeeling. The food here is nice with a lot of drinking choices as well.

The city might not house banging dancing clubs, but its nightlife is lit in its own right!

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