Best Places to Party in Cusco

Best Places to Party in Cusco

Best Places to Party in Cusco

Traversing through the Sacred Valley of Peru is probably every wanderlust’s highpoint in life! The unparalleled aura, culture, explorations and eternal beauty of this place draws in hordes of travellers all around the year. Cusco, the most convenient stopover while heading on to Machu Pichu, has got travellers to extend their stay for its amazing heritage and nightlife. And why not, the city adheres to ‘live in the moment’ adage, making the sundowners party all night and have the best time of their lives. Plus, the extremely cheap booze here is a cherry on top! In fact, there is hardly any South American city that can stack up against this one in terms of nightlife.

However, it would be wiser if you do not seek an experience parallel to yours in Vegas! Cusco hosts its own alternate solutions that are downright impossible to be found anywhere else in the country. A bunch of underground DJs and a thriving live music scene driving the competition up in the city’s various party venues. So, if you are hitting the city for some night action, try these top 3 neighbourhoods in Cusco to set your sundown experience on fire!

1. Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas, standing out for its gigantic architecture built back in the 16th century, is practically the most action-packed heart of the city. Circumscribed in colonial stone arcades and graced with Jesuit Iglesia de la Compania and The Cathedral, almost every significant parade in the Incas either commences or ends up here. Though it’s not really every peace seeker’s cup of tea, thanks to the hordes of tourists strolling here almost 24/7, the area hosts a large number of travellers who prefer to stay in close proximity to all things touristy. Boasting a thriving nightlife, Plaza de Armas is home to the greatest bars, nightclubs and live music patios of Cusco. Ukukus, the oldest surviving club, is most frequented for its live music scene, well loved by tourists and locals alike. Then there is Mama Africa, the stalwart of dance beats in all of Cusco. Garabatos fancies mixed crowd for the salsa aficionados. For EDM lovers, popular nightlife spots in Cusco are Mythology, Caos and Sky Discoteca.

2. San Blas

A top spot in every traveller’s bucket list who doesn’t minding spending a few extra bucks to get the best views of the city, San Blas is that gorgeous, mountain top neighbourhood that is equal parts authentic and contempo. Artsy and bohemian, this barrio in Cusco features a cute little plaza with a gigantic fountain right in the middle, pulling in handicraft artisans to sell their stuff and travellers to get some nice clicks. Hardly a 10 minute walk from the main Plaza de Armas, San Blas is about quaint cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings. A rather expensive neighbourhood to stay in Cusco, San Blas hosts a really coo nightlife with many bars, live music venues and discotheques. KM O for instance, is a really amazing bar where the locals of Cusco hang out, where friendly staff, cheap booze and live music making the whole atmosphere pretty pleasant! Then there is Limbus Restro Bar, the one with the most breathtaking location, perched atop the hill rendering excellent vistas of the entire city.

3. Gringo Alley

Right adjacent to the Cathedral is Gringo Alley, also known as Procuradores. This rather narrow pedestrian is lined wall to wall with restros, bars and cafes. Hosting many backpacker hostels and massage parlours, the locals working here get most of their work from gringos; hence the name. it is hard to name down the best night spots here, as they are barely penned down by Google. So, the best would be to go there and choose for yourself!

Cusco lets to sip in a few nights of insane debauchery and fun. So, before you indulge in the mythical Sacred Valley, there’s no harm in trying your wild side. Party Hard!

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