Top 3 Places to Party in Costa Brava

Top 3 Places to Party in Costa Brava

Top 3 Places to Party in Costa Brava

A foodie’s paradise, a lover’s heaven, a nature lover’s mecca, this glistening Mediterranean coastline is the most unspoilt in all of Europe! Wild in some parts and beautifully manicured in others, the atoll serves it all from the finest Blue Flag beaches to the secretive smugglers’ coves! With one of the highest concentration of Michelin Starred restros and excellent locally produced wines, travel in Costa Brava turns out to be more fun than any part of Spain! Nightlife in Costa Brava has more than you could think of. Bars, clubs, midnight swim dips, beach views, the list goes on and on!

This coastal region, which is known for its landscapes and sea views turns, into a wild hangout spot at night. The clubs and bars serve a very predictable nightlife and the beaches of Costa Brava just add to it. Check out the best neighborhoods to party in Costa Brava:

1. Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is located in the Selva region near Girona. A fantastic region to experience the true Spanish culture, nightlife of Lloret de Mar attracts thousands of people from far and wide and has a reputation for being downright fantastic. As the sun goes down, the town turns into the nightlife capital of Costa Brava. El bar, a very renowned bar, has an impressive selection of beers to fancy everyone. Highly rated for all kinds of food and booze, it is a great one to get all pepped up before your night out. Now, if you wish to enjoy a bit cheesy music and show off your dance moves, then Gerry's Bar is the place to go! With 60’s and 70’s music vibes and a beautiful ambiance, the place has been the hit since the 70’s. Not just this, there are plenty of bars and clubs that you will find as you stroll out unplanned in the streets of this isle.

2. Blanes

Blanes is the little sibling of Lloret de Mar and is very popular among the young blood of Costa Brava. Sun, cocktails, beaches and parties, Blanes has the perfect solution to relieve your stress. The region is tiny and easily walkable, which is a big plus point for night crawlers, since clubs and bars are at a stone throw distance from each other. Discoteca Arena Blanes is probably the most well-known club in Blanes. The club has two rooms, where you can shake your booty on latest top hits with a mix of Latin music. Club Essence is another one of the larger and much more luxurious clubs in Blanes. Once a week, the clubs transforms into area VIP evening for only 500 selected partygoers in addition to the otherwise popular beach parties and carnivals. And the most amazing part is that it is located right on the beach! So if you feel like taking a refreshing dip in the waters, go for it! For budget partiers, there’s Holland Beach house serving a great ambience and cheap drinks.

3. Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar may not be as wild as other night out places in Costa Brava, but there is still no shortage of clubs and bars to grab a drink and shake your booty. This is a compact neighborhood, which is why the density of the nightlife is high, making it one of the best places to party in Costa Brava. One of the best night out spots in Tossa de Mar is the Romantic bar Tossa de Mar. Having an outdoor seating which lightens up after the dark, it surely lives to its name. The place has a great ambiance, and with Spanish music playing here adds on to the atmosphere. Scuba Libre is another great bar, located right on the beach and offers stunning views facing the old town. There is a wide range of drinks here, from cocktails to beer and showcases excellent beach views from atop. If you are looking for something more lively, then look no further than El Sivas. Just get your hair down and dance into the night; this bar is the best place in Tossa de mar if you wish to dance till the sun comes up!

Here in Costa Brava, you don't need to worry about finding the right place because everywhere after the dusk is a party here! So if you need a party vacation this summer, Costa Brava calls out to you! Fiesta Dura!

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