Best Places to Party in Corfu

Best Places to Party in Corfu

Best Places to Party in Corfu

An island drenched in natural beauty and enchanting views, with narrow streets and countryside, Corfu confirms to the heavenly Greek charm. The cafes, pubs, the native samples and imported beers, from the custard-coloured villa right up to the New Fortress till the terrace tables adjacent to the neighbouring church, there is a wide variety in the nightlife in Corfu. No matter what you want- a silent walk holding hands by the beach or a cosy seat in the in a pub with a mug of beer and, this is the place that has everything to offer.

Here is a rundown of the top 3 places to party in Corfu brimming with activity and oozing with full nights of music and relaxation calling out to you:

1. Corfu Town

The capital town of Corfu, this is one of the best places to party in Corfu. Known for an infinite assortment of local and imported brews, Corfu town goes insane after dark! Many first-rate cafes and pubs rest in the neighbourhood such as Mikro Cafe, Antonis Toursas Juice Bar, 54 Dreamy Nights, Polytechno, Piccolo Espresso Bar and Cavalieri Hotel Rooftop Bar. Each of these has unique, redeeming quality such as wonderful rooftop bars, variety of espresso cafe and beautiful views all in one envelope.

2. Kassiopi

Though the nightlife is not loud and visible, but that been said, there is a wide variety of taverns and pubs in the place, offering an endless range of cocktails and beer. It is easily to lose yourself in the live karaoke performances bedecking the nights. One of the most famous pubs is the Lime Lounge that hosts live music nights, where many colloquial bands exhibit their talent in an amicable environment. Some of the other pubs and bars in the vicinity include Illusions Bar, Visions Bar, Venus Bar and Kostas Bar.

3. Kalami

Considered to be one of the most tranquil beauty spots in Corfu, this is a horseshoe-shaped bay, with a rare beauty of Greece wrapped up on one atoll. This amphitheatric greenery along with the Ionian Sea and the border of hillside villages is one of the best places to enjoy an idyllic and relaxing environment. This is also the epicentre of small pubs and bars holding the colloquial beers and drinks. Some of the famous ones on the list include Kalami Bar and San Antonia Corfu Resort holding the best visitor’s reviews in Corfu.

As is evident by the list, this is one of the places where you can enjoy your night with solitude or with loud music buzzing in the ears. So set your boat to Corfu after you ae done exploring the rest of Greek isles. Safe Travels!

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