Top 3 Places to Party in Cordoba, Argentina

Top 3 Places to Party in Cordoba, Argentina

Top 3 Places to Party in Cordoba, Argentina

A lot more than a bare provincial backwater, Cordoba, The capital city of Argentina, is packed with historical gems and sights. Most righteously designated as the Cultural Capital of the Americas, Cordoba often gets overlooked by the tourists in favor of El Calafate, a very popular tourist spot in Argentina.

Keeping you on your toes with its travel itineraries from dusk till dawn, nightlife scenes of Cordoba are divided into distinct tastes, making ‘party in Cordoba’ varied and vibrant. After midnight, this Argentinean party destination gives you a plethora of bars, clubs, and nightspots, offering both a banging night as well as a laid-back evening. Perhaps, it comes as no surprise that a University City with one of the youngest populations in Argentina boasts an impressive nightlife scene. From disco clubs to bars and restaurants, try it all among these best neighborhoods to party in Cordoba:

1. Guemes

In the Guemes neighborhood, you find something new and exciting in every nook and corner. Representing the best things to see in Cordoba, this district has become a hangout spot for creative folks who wish to spend their money on trying new ventures. With a lot of nightspots in the district, Mentidero, meaning ‘Gossip spot’ in English, is a great place with a simple and clear setting, plus a great cocktails list to choose from. The bar has an elegant atmosphere and hosts live music on its upstage balcony. Another great spot in this district is the Caspian, which is a little more upbeat and contempo that other spots. The bar specializes in artisanal beers, a rapidly growing market in Argentina, with the neon signboard at the entrance perfectly describing the vibe inside. And to make the most out of this venue, make sure to hit the balcony and enjoy the panoramic views over Guemes. Another spot in Guemes is Don't Worry, a place with relaxed decorations and mouth watering cuisines. Going to ‘Don't Worry’ is like being on a vacation on a tropical beach with nothing to worry about except entertainment, drinking good booze and sinking in the rhythm of the music. Overall, Guemes in Cordoba has a plenty of choices for laid back revelers and hardcore partiers, and also has a cool and alternative touch that complements the vibe of the city.

2. Nueva Cordoba

Nueva Cordoba Barrio is a bustling home to student-friendly bars and restaurants, drawing in the younger blood of the city. The most formal of all the nightclubs is Jonny, a music bar themed restaurant whose main purpose is to offer its customers space to spend some pleasant time with hundreds of cocktails on the menu. Another one in this district is The Milk, a cocktail House ( quite an irony right!) offering its visitors a good time with friends and interesting locals. With a vintage decoration and warmth, the bar takes you back to another era and if you prefer an out of the box suggestions for a night out spot, don't miss this place! The best part about Nueva Cordoba is that being a student-friendly area, the bars and clubs here are pretty pocket-friendly. So if you are looking out for a night out on budget and also wish to experience the city like a local, Nueva Cordoba is one of the best neighborhoods to party in Cordoba.

3. Cerro de Las Rosas Barrio

One of the most posh areas in Cordoba, ‘the hill of the Roses' is sure to be insisted on when talking about nightlife in Cordoba. This hill owns an array of bars, nightclubs and boutiques of the city. The best part about Cerro de Las Rosas Barrio is that no matter where you stand, you will be glued to your spot with the panoramic vistas of the city from up here. Head to this place called Antares, a bar that is known for its wide range of craft beers and platters of Picadas. The place has an outdoor terrace that adds on to the sumptuous food and drinks. Another place with an alfresco seating is Penon Cerveceria, where you would find a plenty of beer options to choose from, besides some of the best burgers in the town. This hill of the city is the perfect place if you are a fan of great food and great views.

In Cordoba, it might be difficult to stick to a single neighborhood because each and every area has a night scene of its own!

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