Witness The Best Nightlife And Places To Party In Copenhagen

Best Nightlife & places to party in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Nightlife

In Copenhagen, a great night implies a late night. Crazy weekends with Danes crowding the nightclubs until sunrise have given Copenhagen a reputation contradictory to its highbrow cultural side exemplified by operas ballets and theaters. Earlier popular for its jazz music, the city has expanded its night scene with many dance clubs, wine cellars and traditional beer houses flourishing around. Check out the hottest top 3 places to party in Copenhagen as you gawk at some best looking eye candies in Europe:

Vesterbro, one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Copenhagen
1. Vesterbro

The young and happening set of Danish population hits Vesterbro after midnight. Most of the cafés in this bustling locality of Copenhagen turn into cocktail bars on weekend nights. Popular rock and pop bands hit the stage at Vega, a former trade union hall that is now a premier nightclub of Copenhagen. Try Brasss Monkey, city’s first Tiki Bar or Markbar if you are looking for a quaint and uptight basement nightclub. Vesterbro is a cheaper alternative to the fancy nightclubs in Copenhagen.

2. Osterbro

The low-key partiers with a little more sedate mood prefer Osterbro for its traditional beer houses and wine cellars, albeit there are a number of lively bars, cocktail clubs and offbeat theaters in this area. Park is the perfect complex to party, grab a coffee or may be a theater performance. Café Bopa is another big hit among the students for its live music sessions and DJ nights. Besides this, Copenhagen’s only South African bar Macgraths rests in Osterbro, an authentic iron bar with a sports-obsessed atmosphere.

Osterbro, most visited place to enjoy nightlife in Copenhagen
Stroget, the best place to enjoy nigtlife in Copenhagen
3. Stroget

Danes claim it to be the most lively and snappy place to party in Copenhagen for night owls. Stroll around Stroget to see jugglers, musicians and street artists before you step into one of the umpteen bars, beer houses or pubs in Copenhagen. The legendary Copenhagen Jazzhouse hosts both local and international jazz performances before the disco takes over after midnight. In the daytime too, it’s a great escape for walkers and pedestrian explorers, thanks to its no-vehicle area status. Nightclubs in Stroget are considerably spacious with huge dance floors and descent sitting areas.

Nightlife in Copenhagen is not really wild or hedonistic. If you are still confused about where to party, just join one of the Copenhagen Pubcrawls to get a wider taste. Besides the constantly evolving clubs, bars and restaurants, the whole vibe of the city remains intact and fresh! Visiting the city is can often be bank-breaking, but avid travelers know how to get a bang for their buck!