Top 3 Places to Party in Colombo

Top 3 Places to Party in Colombo

Top 3 Places to Party in Colombo

Though it may have trouble living up to its name as the 'Garden city of the East', one thing that Colombo has successfully emerged as is a must-see tourist destination in the Asian vicinity. Complete with its beautiful beaches, alluring culture, stylish eateries, galleries and shops, this is one place that is sure to not let you feel bored. Despite the fact that the place is growing as a cosmopolitan city, the garden roots of Colombo are still intact along its beautiful and shady boulevards. From the tiny markets thriving in the alleyways to the traffic-clogged Galle, this is one city that is living orthodox and manages to give you the intact slow town charm along with the fast life of the big cities. Cosmopolitan side of Colombo offers you galleries, ever-more stylish eateries, characterful shop and convivial cafes, plus the gastronomical wealth in the region are something to witness.

After having spent your day exploring the lengths of this beautiful place, if you feel confused about how to spend your night, we are here to help you. To guide you through the streets, here is the list of the best areas in the region to spend your post-sun hours:

1. Cinnamon Garden-Colombo 7

Counted as an all-time favourite and most happening neighbourhoods in Colombo, this is one neighbourhood that a lot of books are dedicated to. A perfectly beautiful area with a vast setting, Cinnamon Garden is what you imagine in one of those Disney movies, with huge areas brimming with cinnamon trees and posh suburban area lined with huge houses and expansive gardens. However, the place is now morphed into one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods, complete with beautiful boutique hotels and excellent cafe that offer WiFi services as well. Some of the most lively and happening roads in the region include Wijerama Mawatha, Gregory Road, Horton Place and Ward Place. Talk about booze, the major pubs and bars in Cinnamon Garden are Floor by O!, Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe, The Manchester, Theatre Showtime Pub, Curve Bar, Ward Seven, The Paddington, Vault 07, The Bayleaf, Sugar Bistro and Wine Bar, Showboat, CH and Bar Collective. However, if music is an elemental part of your nights, the main options include Silk, Disques, D's, Rhythm and Blues, Cleopatra Nightclub and W Lounge.

2. Park Street and Slave Island- Colombo 2

Colombo's up and coming party neighbourhoods, the Park Street and Slave Island are some of the most favourite regions for the nightlife among locals and tourists. One of the most famous landmarks in the region is the Gangaramaya Temple, a place that is famous for its depth of faith, giving you a deep insight into the local culture and belief system. However, once you enter the Park Street, temples are the last things you would be seeing. The place is the perfect amalgamation of business, accommodation and of course pleasure. Another one of the landscape beauty in the region is the Beira Lake, located only a few blocks away along with the Viharamahadevi Park both nestled on the edge of the Cinnamon Gardens. Having spent your day in the company of this beyond gorgeous locality, the night is another world you would enter. Some of the major bars in the region include the Curve Bar, Vistas Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Sopranos, 41 Sugar, the Bavarian, Flamingo and the Re.Pub.Lk. If however you wish to dance your night away, the best options ‘In...On the Green’, Disques and Floor by O!

3. Thimbirigasyaya and Havelock- Colombo 5

Counted as one of the largest neighbourhoods in Colombo, Colombo 5 – Thimbirigasyaya and Havelock, obviously has some image to maintain for the night-owls among us. This neighbourhood originally was nothing more than an uncomfortably skinny road, but since then has morphed into a lively entrance into the city brimming with businesses and condos popping in every free area of the region. The focal point of the eating joints along with the pubs and bars, Colombo 5, is therefore making it a favourite for the nightlife. The place houses a plethora of coffee houses, cafes, and restaurants, small to big supermarkets, bubble tea place and health food restaurants, giving its visitors the chance to enjoy the slurpy journey through the place. Some of the main bars in the region include The Manchester, The Bayleaf, Colombo Court Hotel and Spa, The Velvet Room, On 14 Roof Top Bar & Lounge, Vistas Rooftop Bar & Lounge and Cockpit Hotel. For the people who expect a little more music and dance in their nights the best options include GMC Night Club, Disques, Rhythm and Blues, Silk, Sapranos, W Lounge, and Bally's Casino.

With so many places to party in, Colombo is surely going to be one long vacay! So with no more research required, it’s time to put your party shoes on!

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