Top 3 Places to Party in Christchurch

Top 3 Places to Party in Christchurch

Top 3 Places to Party in Christchurch

In a place as pristine as Christchurch, it is a general perception that the entire package that the place has to offer around the peace and piousness of the place. However, fellow travellers, if you think that you are mistaken like many others. As the day sets and the night dawns the atmosphere of the place takes a turn for the better. Complete with the quirky bars, local craft breweries, chic urban hangouts and buzzing streets lined with fairy lights, this place is actually a haven for people who like their nights according to them!

However, one of the strongest drawbacks in the region for the newcomers to the up and coming Christchurch is the lack of the guiding local hand. To lift that bane for you, however, we have compiled a list of the best regions you can try out for your night in the vicinity. So take your heels and put your make up on as we take the best neighbourhood for late night events!

1. Central City and Victoria Street

Though surrounded by the now-earthquake damaged, Central City is as the name suggests located in the heart of the city. Along with a number of residential areas, including the Inner City West, Inner City East, Moa Neighbourhood, Victoria and Avon Loop, there are a number of coffee carts, aquariums, pubs and restaurants, along with ever-changing arts, cultural, heritage attractions within the same area that give the place a cultural precinct. One of the best restaurants in the region is Baretta Bar & Restaurant placing in the little slice of Italy in the city; a stylishly fitted out main bar complete with impressive piazza style terracotta paved courtyard. Other bars to try out in the place TMR restaurants & bar, the Astro Lounge, The Last Word and Social Wine Bar. The best pub in the region is The Irishman, piercing right in the heart of the place, making it the perfect place to unwind with a pint, great food and the daily weekly entertainment. If, however, you want to your in the lap of music, O.G.B, a cosy bar a great place for people of all ages. Running from the intersection of Bealey Avenue and Papanui Road in the north-western region and the south-eastern corner of the Durham and Kilmore, Victoria Street is one of the most famous streets in the region to spend your after sun-hours. One of the most famous restaurants in the region is Carlton, with a history that goes back about one and a half century with a decor designed to remind you of early days. Other than this, you can try The Bog Irish Bar, Christchurch Casino, Cruz, the Dirty Land, King of Snake and Maxicanos some of the best bars in the place. The best pub in the region is Boo Radley's, along with the best trendy restaurant in the neighbourhood being the Little Neighbourhood, serving the best of pizza, salad and fries.

2. Ferrymead

Located in the south-eastern side of Christchurch, the place was initially a major industry in farming, however with the turn of time, the city has taken an urban turn. One of the best places to be in Ferrymead is the Tannery specialising in soul food, live music and craft beer, making it one of the favourites of natives and global tourists. Some of the other best bars in the region include The Brewery, The Speights Ale House, The Twisted Hop and Watershed making it one of the best choices in the region for the people, looking for a night to remember.

3. Addington

A major suburb of the Christchurch, Addington, taking its moniker from Archbishop John Sumner, is one of the premier places you can find yourself to spend the night. One of the major bars in the region is Cargo Bar with cocktails in the jam jars, a bar within a shipping container and beers served in mini wooden crates. Along with the food, you will be surrounded by delicious food, drinks with a difference and upbeat music, making it an ideal spot. Other options include The Pedal Pusher, themed on the glory days of cycling, making it a perfect place to go to escape the rat race.

Rising above from the rubbles of earthquake, this city has proven to be a gem in the crown of the nightlife.

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