Top 3 Places to Party in Chicago

Top 3 Places to Party in Chicago

Top 3 Places to Party in Chicago

Chicago, which is known for its splendid art attractions and a spectacular skyline, will not seize to amaze you even after the sun goes down. With an array of clubs and bars in every neighborhood of the city, Chicago is a place you can count on to experience the night of your lifetime. But hey! Do not forget that it’s not just about drinks and cocktails here; deep dish pizza has to be included in your nightlife.

Check out the best neighborhoods to party in Chicago:

1. Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent mile is literally a magnificent neighborhood in Chicago and totally justifies to its name. There are heaps of clubs and bars in this area, making the Magnificent Mile one of the top nightlife spots in Chicago. If you are in Chicago, you have to try the best deep pizza here. And yes; it is official (pun intended), Gino's East has been serving the best pizza of city over 50 years! Not just this, the Gino's Brew Company also serves as one of the top delicacies of the city- the Craft Beer. With a lovely setting and small stage venue, in Gino's, you will experience ‘cozy’ on a whole new level. And if you have a lot of Rock and Hardcore music, head to the Redhead Piano Bar. This is the perfect nightspot if you are into classical music and want to walk down the memory lane with maestros. This place adds to the elegant classy element to the Chicago's nightlife. Also, you can choose to head to Navy pier to experience amazing scenic views of Chicago’s skyline and make most of the night.

2. Wrigleyville

Wrigleyville has been attracting Baseball fans since eternity now besides being known to have a great nightlife. With an array of bars and clubs to choose from, this neighborhood in Chicago is perfect for night crawlers. Clark Street alone is home to countless bars and clubs of Chicago. One of the best places is the Irish Oak; smacked in the middle of Clark Street. This bar cannot get more perfect to watch any game and is on the go to list of every night owl in Chicago. Offering Irish pub fare, beers and hosting a whiskey zone in the backyard, Irish Oak is a perfect night spot. If you are a Cubs fan, you must check out Cubby Year, one of the best- known sports bars that serves pretty darn good bar food! To continue the game fever, head on to Sluggers, the only place that has betting cages and Trampoline Baseball. Sluggers is far from the typical nightlife in Wrigleyville. But still if it doesn't pull you, check out air- hockey, pop-a-shot or mini bowling game and ski ball too. And if you are here just to drink and have some fun without any touch of Baseball, there are some more places including Nisei Lounge, the German Tavern, Trace, etc..

3. Lincoln Park

Locals trust Lincoln Park with its bars and clubs. The area is recognized as one of the most scenic neighborhoods of the whole country, let alone Chicago. And don't think that you need a deep pocket to enjoy a night out in LP. One of the best night spots in this area is Barrelhouse Flat. This warm, Irish lounge has a retro-ish feel to itself, with a craft cocktail menu offering true classics as well as quirky combinations. If you are looking for a laid-back evening, head to the Tonic room, a place that really works as a tonic after a tough day. This venue is intimate and plays host to live music. Another great place that invites you with open arms is the Galway Arms, a place with a patio, authentic food menu and extensive drink choices with a price range that’s pretty affordable. Another ‘not so much of a secret’ nightspot is the Hidden Shemrock, a sports pub that’s all about comfort. This bar is where you could take your shoes off and sit cross legged, with a fireplace added to the coziness. The bar is oldest in this neighborhood and is not going anywhere anytime soon. The list of bars and clubs in Lincoln Park is never-ending; you can choose to go to Lion Head Pub, Burwood Tap, Zella the drop lounge and so many more.

A baseball themed bar or a laid back piano pub, nightlife of Chicago makes you believe that it’s not just about drinks and dance!

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