Top 3 Places to Party in Chandigarh

Top 3 Places to Party in Chandigarh

Top 3 Places to Party in Chandigarh

A garden of rocks and bangles, a lake for tourists and fitness freaks and countless gardens for love birds, Chandigarh is the perfect combination of comfort, prosperity and cosmopolitan vibe. This joint capital of Punjab and Haryana has some regions that are frozen in time as the Swiss architect Le Corbusier has planned it initially, i.e. almost a century back. The city that has almost everything from sweeping boulevards, lakes, gardens and grand civic buildings, is a perfect place for people who are trying to find an accommodation in the region. The best planned in India with world renowned architecture and excellent quality of life, Chandigarh is the perfect manifestation of a dream that the nation’s former national leaders had envisaged. Making the words serenity and city come together in the same premise, Chandigarh is a rare epitome of modernization co-existing with nature.

When you successfully spend your day in awe of this beautiful place, to make sure that your nights are just as successful, here is a list of the best regions or sectors you can expect a good party beyond just the famous sector 17:

1. Sector 9

Housing the CM of the state of Punjab, the region of sector 9 is definitely one of the posh areas to reside. As you take a step into the place, you will be welcomed with a host of mind blowing villas, independent houses and bungalows crunching up in the place along with excellent dining and drinking possibilities that successfully encapsulate the classic chick lifestyle in this rich area of Chandigarh. Some of the major bars in the region in the region include Alpha Q, Nabobs, City Club, Cowboy rodeo, Pipe and Barrel, Space, Score Lounge Bar Night Club, City Cabana, Piccadilly' blue Ice, Hops n Grains The Microbrewery, Girl in the Cafe, Mermaid Pub and Restaurant and Vintage terrace Lounge Bar. If however, you had planned to dance your night away the best options include Mr.Rooster - Roots Lounge, Paara, Aag Lga Denge, Cube 9 and Miami.

2. Sector 7 & 8

The perfect commercial site, sector 7 and 8 lying side by side, account for one of the lowest accommodation space along Chandigarh. Don't misunderstand the area by the lack of residents, for it is the focal point of all the inhabitants from all across the city migrating towards the famous sector 7 to look for respite and a night to enjoy. Some of the major bars in the region include Piccadilly’s Blue Ice, Sector 7 Social, IDK Cocktails & Cookhouse, Score Lounge Bar Night Club, City Cabana, Space, Krib and the Wild West Pub and Bar.

3. Sector 26

With the Madhya Marg touching the boundaries of the place, one thing that we do know for sure is that Sector 26 is the heart of the nightlife in Chandigarh. With the people flocking here during the post dusk hours, there are many joints, bars, restaurants and clubs in the region. Some of the major restaurants in the region include Tao Chandigarh, S Lounge, Hotel President, VoiZe Lounge Bar, FLP@MTV, Mainland China and Xtreme Sports Bar and Grill. If you want to spend your in bars, the best options include Rendezvous Bar & Night Club, Satva, S Lounge, Aura, Purple Frog, Score Lounge Bar, Ministry of Bar Exchange, Whistling Duck, Shosha Cafe N Bar, AC Tavern, The Brew Estate and TGI Friday. There is also availability of Clubs including Peddlers, Tamzaraa Kafe & Cafe and Paara. If you would like to try a beer brewed, the best breweries include Epic Ales Brewer, the Brew Estate, and the Great Bear Kitchen & Microbrewery.

Finally, if you seek a combination of all these areas, head on to Elante Mall, the most iconic hangout spot of the city. It’s food court houses all the major night-out brands, making it ghastly easy for you to bar-crawl!

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