Top 3 Places to Party in Casablanca

Top 3 Places to Party in Casablanca

Top 3 Places to Party in Casablanca

Casablanca, the Wall Street of Morocco, is a little low-key compared to Marrakech when it comes to party and nightlife. Booze is anyway straggling in the whole of Morocco, but its authentic food and traditional dancing are enough to give you a high. Moreover, its cosmopolitan vibe sets it apart from the rest of comparatively orthodox Morocco.

Casablanca’s French colonial past makes it awash with elegant bars and lively restaurants with a couple of nightclubs here and there. So when visiting the city, spend a perfect night in the top 3 places to party in Casablanca:

1. Boulevard de la Corniche

The beachside stretch in Ain Diab is vastly dedicated to bars, nightclubs and swanky restaurants. Boulevard de la Corniche in particular caters to popular nightclubs as Le Village, Pulp Club, Candy Bar and Mystic Garden. Of these, Candy Bar and Pulp Club are insanely unpretentious, making it an ideal pick for the more laid-back and quiet partiers. Le Village is highly promoted for its gay friendly character, while Mystic Garden pulls in all the ultra hip locals and international to dance all night. Then there is Brooklyn Bar, a budding star among the Americano lovers that serves excellent cocktails in a friendly environment.

2. Anfa

The affluent suburb of Anfa rests on the beachfront of Ain Diab. With respect to male female equality in terms of partying in Casablanca, Anfa is a less biased and more welcoming area. Talk about the local Moroccan sounds or the live jazz performances, you can find a wide variety of music in this district in Casablanca. Alcohol is quite scarce; very few bars serve it. And about the dress code, make sure you don’t land up at a nightclub’s door in your favorite pyjamas; you won’t be let in! G Sound, a swanky lounge is an excellent escape for low-key cigar lovers. Kasvbar, a top-notch bar in Anfa, offers drinks and dinner, and is not too highbrowed about dress-codes either.

3. Rue Allal ben Abdellah

A cluster of bars and nightclubs can be located in the city center on Rue Allal Ben Adbellah. La Bodega, a Spanish Tapas Bar is the most favored choice of Casablanca’s well-heeled bacchanals. Playing live music on most nights, La Bodega lets you indulge in everything from Arabic and Spanish tunes to reggae and rock. What sets it apart from other counterparts is its Tuesday Samba sessions that let you shake your booty Brazilian style! Above all, it is a fixture for football aficionados.

Women, especially solo travelers, must watch their step before indulging in the nightlife in Casablanca. Being a highly male-oriented society makes it kind of perilous for them. Other than that, it is a great city to explore.

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