Top 3 Places to Party in Caracas, Venezuela

Top 3 Places to Party in Caracas, Venezuela

Top 3 Places to Party in Caracas, Venezuela

Ironically, despite the busting traffic, formidable pollution and an extra dose of crime rate, Caracas turns out to be a fantastic tourist spot in Latin America. There are very few Latin cities with nightlife as energetic as in Caracas. A cosmopolitan city that’s admired for its gastronomy, Caracas hosts restaurants and bars inspired by many different cultures and countries. The Venezuelan capital is all for hedonists and ultimate debauchery, and is packed with various areas and districts to serve a banging nightlife.

With the most fashionable districts like La Mercedes and El Rosal to the Bohemian Sabana Grande, the city has something for everyone. And the most delightful part of Caracas which the night crawlers love is that the city keeps on grooving till 4 or 5 in the morning. So, if you wish to dance without thinking about the time, this city is the place for you people! Check out the best neighborhoods to party in Caracas:

1. Las Mercedes

This district is the fashionable heart and soul of Caracas and, with no surprise, is a major part of Caracas's nightlife. It is a hub for night crawlers across the city and owns countless bars and clubs, some of them being the best night spots in Caracas. Located in this fashion district is the La Quinta Bar, a source of experimental late night drinks. The bar plays host to great music and comedy nights and is also a popular venue for live rock bands. Featuring a little terrace where guests can get some air and boast some of the best DJs in the city, La Quinta bar is a hot spot for a fun and hippy nightout! Another popular night spot is the Holic disco club, a magnet for the well-known and fashionable sect of the city. Far from those classic and predictable bars, the establishment features a chic and sleek interior and a luminous dance floor always packed with people. Another of the most sought establishment is the La Suite Bar, renowned for its lavish décor and dazzling themed lights. Generally with the 80s or traditional music played on the house, Mondays are dedicated to tango classes and Wednesdays to all things jazz! La Suite Bar is an epitome of a lavish and up-scaled night out spot. The area does not fall short on night spots and there are many more options to choose from including 360-degree roof bar, Rosalinda and Rumbar.

2. El Rosal

The El Rosal neighborhood is located in the Chacao municipality and is the geographic center of the city. The district is referred to as one of the fanciest ones in the city which comes with no surprise that the area is lined up with bars and clubs. One of the many best places for a night out is the Juan Sebastian Bar. Founded in 1973, this one is a temple for jazz music and is a prominent institution of Venezuelan nightlife. It could actually be a tough grind to locate a better place than Sebastian bar, especially If you are into Latin music. The bar is one of the highest rated ones in the city and is famous for its vibrancy, cocktails and infectious South American Jazz music. Another place you probably would discover is the Discovery Bar. If you are looking for a place to dance from dusk till dawn at a stretch, Discovery bar is the place. The bar plays regular live music and classic- rock inspired DJ sets and is a haven for night owls. In and around the District El Rosal, you will find endless places to experience a hippy and banging night out!

3. La Castellana

The district is another of the most popular night districts in Caracas. One of the many nights out spots in the city is the El Leon. Caracas has many drinking spots, but this one in La Castellana is a must try. This open-air spot is popular among the young population of the city and it's worth giving a try. Besides this, the district also boasts a magnificent shopping mall named Centro Commercial Sambil, which has dozens of bars and pubs itself and poses no need to step anywhere else once you step here!

The best decision you will make in Caracas is to step out of your hotel rooms and discover the dazzling nightlife of this city! Just keep your wits about you when it comes to safety and prefer only taxis after dark.

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