Top 3 Places to Party in Cannes

Top 3 Places to Party in Cannes

Top 3 Places to Party in Cannes

Cannes, a city on French Riviera, widely known for its Festival de Cannes, has a lot more to itself than just the glitz n glamour of celebrities! Once a small fishing village, Cannes has now grown into one of the most opulent cities. With world famous hotels and private beaches, Cannes serves its fans with food of views and more views! Nightlife in Cannes is just what you’d expect- there is no shortage of things to do at night in this town whether you are in a mood for a piano bar or an exclusive nightclub or an Irish pub. Dressing up and looking really good is an integral part of nightlife in Cannes, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you find all the people around you pepped up in their very best.

Travel in Cannes is quite known for its posh nightlife, thanks to those high profile properties that flood the teeny isle, but street bars and pubs in Cannes are no less in paparazzi. As beautiful and mesmerizing the city is in the daytime, it gets even more tantalizing after sundown. You could just stand and gaze at a view for hours long! So in this city it would be quite appropriate to say that it hasn’t left out anything that you couldn’t do. Check out these Best areas to party in Cannes:

1. La Croisette

La Croisette is the heart of the city, and undoubtedly the best area to party in Cannes. Curving around the bay, this is the most beautiful place to be in the night when in Cannes. The area lies on the Riviera and has some of the best open bars and clubs in Cannes, where you could dance all night long and have a gala time. The Gotha club is definitely the best choice on this beachfront; it welcomes around 2500 clubbers every night, and is host to some of the big name DJs and rappers! You must have your nerve with you to stay up till 5 in the morning. Next would be the Le Baoli, the most upmarket spot in the city. This is where you will probably see someone who has just won an award in the Cannes. Entry here is free but you need a big shot by your side to get you in there and also, you need to clean up pretty darn well! This opulent hideout owns a restaurant, bar and club, and if you are in a mood to have the night of your life, you are probably in the right place! Some other choices might be La Chunga, Bar L'amiral and many more. Bars and clubs might be a bit heavy on the pocket, but if you are counting Euros, you are not in the right place. Apart from this glitter and panache, do not forget to have a night stroll on this beautiful promenade.

2. Rue du Suquet

The town on French Riviera has to be on the list of best party areas of Cannes for many reasons. One of them is The Nuits Musicales du Suquet, which is an annual classical music festival that runs for one week in July. The world-class festival includes both large symphonic concerts and smaller solo performances by pianists, violinists, and vocalists, and is held alfresco in the courtyard of the Church of Notre Dame d’Esperance. You’ll find a lot of clubs and bars lined up in this area, where you can grab a drink or two. The best thing about this neighborhood in Cannes is that it’s probably the best place to party in Cannes if you prefer a night out within your budget. Clubs and bars are pretty pocket-friendly. Le vogue and Charly’s bar wine and champagne are some of the choices you can go for.

3. Port city centre

There are various streets where you could find a lot of bars and restaurants in this area. The reason why City centre is one of the best places to party in Cannes is because the area is appropriate for almost everyone. From high priced iconic clubs to very decent ones, you can easily find a place to hangout. Morrisons Irish pub would be the best choice to hangout for regular revellers. But also for an out of the box experience, wander in the streets of this city to experience the fun at night.

One of the major attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss is the renowned fireworks festival, which brings the best fireworks artists from all over the world. Each night of festival offers an array of dazzling fireworks and is held in the months of July and August. Overall, Nightlife in Cannes is as varied as no one could ever expect- music nights, fireworks, and numerous party places. Cannes will surely have your heart!

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