Top 2 Places to Party in Cancun, Mexico

Top 2 Places to Party in Cancun, Mexico

Top 2 Places to Party in Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is well known for its Party Fiesta and there's no better place than Cancun to do that. After spending most of the time sunbathing in most of the pristine beaches and witnessing most of the amazing attractions of the city, it’s time to head out and enjoy the night scenes of Cancun. After Dark, the city offers a lot of opportunities to meet new friends and unwind you after a long day.

The city of Cancun is divided into 2 parts- the Hotel Zone and the Downtown area. The main attractions of the city are located in the Hotel zone area, but the Downtown area doesn't lock back either! Both the districts are covered with numerous hotels and restaurants, with some of them overlooking the waterfront as well. Any of the places you be in the city, you will never be disappointed by the views that it serves. There are many upscale bars and clubs in the Hotel zone of the city and whereas the downtown area is great if you want to go out on a budget. From amazing dancing clubs to decent bars and pubs, the nightlife of Cancun is outrageous and loving. Best areas to party in Cancun, Mexico are:

1. Hotel Zone

The Hotel Zone neighborhood is the most popular nightlife in Cancun and comes with the fact that the district is home to a massive amount of bars clubs that plays host to international bands and DJs, with some of them even looking over the lagoon! One of the very best spots in the city is The City ,an ideal destination if you really want to party. Here you can spot some of the international names such as Fergie, Tiesto, Van Dyk and many more. With over 8000 sq feet of space and nine bars spread over three floors, a good party can gather more than 5,000 people all throughout the night. Another banging spot is the Mandala Beach club, an outdoor house music club which is popularly known for its pool parties. There's nothing better than listening to good music by the Caribbean Sea. Another nightspot in the district is the Senor Frogs. With its 13 branches in the US, Mexico, and the Carribean Sea, Senor Frogs have been a tradition in its own right. With a vibrant ambiance, this is a perfect place to have a great time and meet new people. And if dancing is all you want to do all night, then head to the place called Daddy O. Five bars, amazing performances, dancers, body painting and impressive light shows on two floors, all of this makes this club a spectacular place to party! The bars specialties are its techno House. There are many more party spots too, such as Palazzo, Cuncrawl, and also do not miss the Congo fiesta here in the district.

2. Downtown

The downtown area is also a great option to experience the lit nights of Cancun. Be it a disco bar or a beer bar, there's nothing that this district does not own! One of the places to hit is the Root Jazz club. Located in the heart of Downtown Cancun with an inviting and relaxing environment, this is the only bar in Cancun that features Live music, from traditional to contemporary jazz, blues and funk, flamenco jazz fusion. Another place in Cancun is one of the many popular bars and is called the La Taberna. Locals gather at La Taberna to shoot pool, play games or watch TV. They have a very sumptuous menu as well and a full bar. For all those who wish to sit in a colorful seating, La Cantina is just perfect. This quirky, vibrant, bar and restaurant is one of the newest night spots in Cancun. The bar is renowned for its Mexican delicacies, beer, wines, and cocktails. The bar keeps open until 2 or 3 in the morning, making it a perfect place to party in Cancun. Also every Wednesday, they hold birthday parties here. Besides this, there are also many plazas that rule the district, boasting a multitude of nightout spots in there. Other options to choose from include Los 4 Elementos, Laude Guanatos and many more.

Cancun’s nightlife has been known to people from all over the world. Although there are just 2 districts that rule the city, both of them exhibit so much of debauchery that easily beats nightlife from any other city!

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