Top 3 Places to Party in Canberra

Top 3 Places to Party in Canberra

Top 3 Places to Party in Canberra

Broad boulevards, expansive open areas, influential aesthetics and a ceaseless alignment of natural elements, Canberra, the capital of Australia, would be most righteously termed as the coolest capital around the globe, and not just in terms of temperature! Things to do in Canberra range from spotting kangaroos to sipping in the best coffee, next to the bestest food! Canberra travel has a bar scene that lightens bolts of energy! With numerous bars and pubs in each and every district, nightlife in Canberra is capable of catering to people from all walks of life. The most interesting part of the city’s night spots is its innovative and secretive locations of bars and clubs. And what unites the bars and clubs of Canberra is an abundance of charm and atmosphere. So check out the best places to party in Canberra:

1. Civic

Civic, the cultural hub of Canberra, is literally the heart of the city and obviously is home to some of the important attractions of Canberra. But the district manages to keep up its energy even after the sun goes down. Whether you are keen for a retail therapy, a long lunch, or simply plan to dance until daylight, you are sure to find a place to match your current mood. One of the places to go out in this district is the Molly's. Built in an old Bank vault, Molly keeps herself a secret. Its unmarked entranceway in the Hobart palace could be confused with a cleaning cupboard! But once when you step inside, the place hums with whiskey appreciation nights, cocktail lessons, monthly jazz performances; and in winters the place offers warming menu treats such as roasted chestnuts and heated cognac as well. Another place in this district is the Hippo Co, a perfect one for jazz lovers. The glass fronted balcony looks out onto the Garema Palace, while on the inside, the owners have a world that recalls American Midwest. The club features more than 250 varieties of whiskeys, and is a haven for night owls. Another place in the Garema place itself is the Playground, a good spot for meeting friends and keeping the tone light. The martinis here are pretty good, and the outdoor lounge is great for people watching in summers. Also, there are many more options to choose from such as Honky Tonks, Treehouse.

2. Acton

Bordering Civic neighborhood to the west is the up and coming Acton district, where much of the action is focused. Being right on the doorstep of the Australian National University, Acton is known to serve a trendy and sprung up nightlife in Canberra. One of the best night places in Canberra that lies in this district is the Parlor Wine Room. If you are up for a drink in a sumptuous place, Parlor Wine Room is for you! Packed with tables and cozy nooks with couches, the place is perfect for hiding away from the winters. Parlor's intensive food matches the quality of its wine list. Another place is a hidden, underground club called the Lucky's, a Sizeable place that feels sophisticated and intimate. There are booths and different sections for privacy. Lucky's also has a designed range of beverage and menu packages which just adds to a perfect night out. In the same area, you find a place called Monsters, well known for its carefully crafted cocktails and interesting wine list. The place is a watering hole for any ages. Being a district with a young vibe, it comes with no surprise that the district plays a great part in Canberra's nightlife.

3. Braddon

Braddon is Canberra's trendy underbelly. One of the city's oldest suburbs, it has traditionally been an industrial area, but a few years ago, cafes and clubs started to replace the car yards and today the district is one of the most popular brunches, beer, and dining restaurants. One of the places that have been here like forever is the Knightsbridge Pent House. The place is a wonderful escape from the busy city center. Interiors here are inspired by Melbourne's chic laneway bars and have a timeless appeal. Another place that not only rules the district but the city too is the Mint Garden Bar. The place is a very stylish little courtyard bar at Gorman House. The place has a very innovative seating and a sumptuous menu the place can temp anyone. The Braddon district is a must consideration when talked about Canberra’s nightlife.

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