Top 3 Places to Party in Calgary

Top 3 Places to Party in Calgary

Top 3 Places to Party in Calgary

A much loved winter town for its skiing options, Calgary is also a bright, flourishing city popular for its craft beer and culinary scenes!

Calgary’s Nightlife believes to serve a sundown experience that’s not very usual. From Traditional pubs to patios and sports clubs, Calgary will surely leave a mark on anyone who tries to explore this city in the nighttime. What makes the spots and clubs so much more indulging in Calgary is not the drinks, but the food and locals of the town. From a quiet evening to a throbbing night, the city has it all. Check out the best neighborhoods to party in Calgary:

1. Beltline

Located to the south of the downtown, Beltline is a thriving spot for people who seek to experience a banging nightlife. Beltline neighborhood in Calgary is home to numerous bars and clubs and is one of the hippest destinations of the city. The Drum and Monkey is one of Calgary's most popular pubs and is as hippy as its name. The club is known for its splendid menu and its sibling club Bamboo Tikki room. The club provides heavy beats to get your booty shaking. Both the bar and the club complement each other very well to serve a delicious and banging nightlife. And if you want to experience a sophisticated nightlife, head to The Rhino. This multi-club showcases a variety of spinning tracks including electronic, hip-hop, house and Dubstep music and is a great spot for music lovers. Another hot spot of the area is the Commonwealth, a multi-level nightclub featuring Brit-pop, punk, hip-hop, electronic, dance, dubstep and vintage music. The club has an industrial interior and has two lounges and a large main dance floor. The list of bars and club in Beltline is never ending; in fact it would take you several nights to explore them all. In this area you should not look for a perfect place; you could just stumble and fall into one!

2. Inglewood

Inglewood area has a range of cafes and bars including some of the award-winning Bistros. This neighborhood is best for those who believe that drinks or banging music are not the only components of a great nightlife but a great meal with a splendid desert also owe their stake. Ironwood Stage and Grill happens to be one of the most happening places in the town. This bar cum club offers live music and great cocktails and drinks, making it a haven for night crawlers. And if you are in Inglewood, Revival Brewcade has to be on your list, Canada's first and only Brewery arcade that is a place to savor surprisingly smooth beers. Surprisingly, it owns a classic pinball and other arcade games, making it one of spots you won’t want to miss! Another spot in Inglewood is the Hose and Hound Pub. This award winning Bar is located in a firehouse!! Yes, a firehouse, and is a London inspired bistro and wine bar. The comfortable seating and a full care menu will not take time in winning your hearts. On the top of all that, if you are here on Sundays, you would be able to indulge in live cooking station delicacies. So basically, nightlife of Calgary cannot be described without taking Inglewood into the account.

3. Kensington/ Sunnyside

Kensingston may not be very interesting in the day, but once the sun goes down, this area teaches you how to win hearts. With an array of the night out spots, this area is also known to be the home of Calgary's only outdoor alleyway Patio bar, the Container Bar. This bar is the heart of Kingston's nightlife and why not! With an amazing setting and perfect drinks, this place is a real treat for night owls. Another great place in here is the Side Street pub and grill. With around 20 big TV screens showing football and hockey games, this place is completely devoted to sports fans. Another patio in this area is the Kensington Pub. With a roof setting and a pretty sumptuous menu, this place is perfect for a laid-back and sophisticated night. Kensington or the Sunnyside area is mainly known for its patios. Some more spots in here include Winebar Kingston, The Naked Leaf, Pulcinella, Original Joe's and many more.

You would rather just go out for a steak and enjoy people-watching if not spend a whole night in the club, because Calgary is all about different nightlife flavours!

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