Best Places to Party in Cairo

Best Places to Party in Cairo

Best Places To Party in Cairo

Cairo- the most captivating city of Egypt, is located in the proximity of the Pharaonic city Memphis. Carrying a proud legacy of civilization and homogeneity, this ancient society has the most exemplary blend of tradition and modernity, with the elegance of monuments and museums never failing to enthrall the beholders. The street life of Cairo is supremely energetic. If you have a penchant for food, then Cairo’s cuisine is a must for you. In Cairo, being a night-hawk is inevitable. So instead of attending a mundane party in shady places, gift your good self the euphoria you deserve. Try one of the top 3 places to party in Cairo:

1) Midan Orabi

Located in downtown Cairo, Midan Orabi is replete with Baladi bars (people’s bars). Egypt is not too high on alcohol, but this doesn’t stop the partiers from staying up all night. In most venues here, the distinction between clubs, restaurants and bars is blurred. People begin their dinner here at 10, after which the lights go on getting dimmer and music louder. Sometime around midnight, the bars and clubs begin to shut down, except the ones with a tourism license. A popular rooftop bar is perched on the Odeon Palace Hotel, offering excellent skyline vistas to the wealthy Egyptians and tourists. Then there is Happy City, another open-air terrace bar serving delicious Mezzes along with other Middle Eastern dishes.

2) Zamalek

Another very vivacious venue in Cairo, Zamalek offers abundant Baladi bars serving excellent sheesha and strong Egyptian Coffee! Lose yourself in your own killer moves as live DJs go on rolling. The location of this district in Cairo is such that you can indulge in debauchery while sipping in the gorgeous vistas of the Nile. On the Imperial Boat in Zamalek stand Purple Lounge & Bar, a seductive and coy lounge that lives up to its name. you can locate anyone here, from James Bond to Jay Z. Buddha Bar is another eminent treasure on the banks of Nile, that is a 2-storey plus a terrace nightspot ideal for low-key partiers. Veranda and Blue Nile Boat are other popular spots offering impeccable Egyptian and international cuisines.

3) Mohandessin

A daytime luxury shopping avenue and an insane nightspot to party in Cairo, Mohandessin is a jack of all trades. If you prefer the latest beats and contempo music, then Mohandessin is all set to serve you right. The authentic ahwas (Coffeehouses) sprawl all across Mohendessin, a lively neighborhood in Cairo that houses the greatest jazz venues of all times- Cairo Jazz Club. Bull’s Eye is no less in pleasing the locals and tourists with its whirly mirth.

Party animals can book your ticket now and relish the life as a local. Don’t forget to dress with modesty, but nobody cares even if you flaunt.

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