Top 3 Places to Party in Busan

Top 3 Places to Party in Busan

Top 3 Places to Party in Busan

Korea's second largest city, Busan is one of a kind. With numerous attractions, beaches, restaurants, the city is a great one!

Busan is perhaps a much more beautiful city at night than it is during the day. From the shimmering neon shopping districts to the burning lights of Gwangalli Bridge, there is no dearth of views and things to do after the sun goes down. The city is lined with numerous cocktail bars, lounges, clubs, and cafes, which light up the nights. The most amazing highlight f Busan's nightlife is that you can have fun at the beach of Gwangalli with stunning views, bars, and cool breezes. Check out the best places to party in Busan:

1. Haeundae

Located to the east of the city, Haeundae is Busan's party area. Visitors of this area flock the beach and the surrounding bars and clubs that the areas host in many. A bar that's very popular with foreigners and expats is Starface, which is an open bar. The place has a pool table and sometimes hosts live bands in the evening, which is perfect for a night out. Another very popular place in Haeundae is the Wolfhound, which is also Haeundae's only Irish Pub that’s is located at a two-minute walk from Haeundae Beach and offers a wide selection of local and imported beers, strong drinks, sumptuous cocktails, and home styled food. The bar’s highlights are its good live music and bar's annual St. Patrick's Day festivities are a Haeundae highlight. One of the other places is the Thursday party bar and as the name suggests, it is the place to party! The bar is loved by Koreans and foreigners alike. It has games including beer pong, table football, and darts, and the atmosphere ensures that you will have a lively night. And if you are here just for cocktail and wines, head to Peter's pub. This one’s a bit quieter and is great for foodies. There are many clubs as well in this district and Club Fuzzy Navel being one of them. This L shaped bar has a main dance floor, which is perfect for dancing the night away. There are many other options such as Club Maktum, U2 Bar and Club Elune.

2. Seomyeon

Seomyeon area is the central region of Busan and is often categorized as the hipster area of the city due to its lively nightlife and trendy evenings. In this area, foreigners head over to O Brien's Irish Bar and Restaurant for a burger and a pint. The place is great to chill with some friends and kick start your night. Another very popular night out a spot in this district is Club Foxy. In this club, you will see a bunch of Korean hip-hop dancers on the two dance floors, which is quite entertaining. This place is great if you want to dance your night away. Then in this district is Guri Bar, which is a great option too. One of the very finest places is the Champion nightclub. The key attraction here is the Cabaret live show. The ambiance and service are the best in town and they will make you feel quite special as soon as you arrive at the club. The district rules the hearts of party owls in Busan.

3. PNU area

The area around Pusan National University, also shortened as PNU, is a downtown area good for bars, restaurants, and nightlife. Some of the city's music venues are to be found here too. The younger crowds head out to the bars near universities. A very popular place in this district is Soul Trane, a small foreigner friendly bar located underneath the restaurant Moe's. The place sometime also has live bands, DJs, and other events and gets pretty crowded on weekends. As you move down the street from Soul Trane is Crossroads, another bar that is popular with expats and another place to chill with your friends. They also have live sets on Tuesdays. Another place in this area is Moo Monk, a rather calm and quiet option that does house a band on Friday nights for the crowd. Across the street is another club called Interplay. The club is spacious and hosts jazz, blues, folk music. Many of the country's top funk bands come here.

You must keep your stamina up even after you day is over in the city, as it the nights in Busan that can get you drained!

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