Best Places to Party in Buffalo

Best Places to Party in Buffalo

Best Places to Party in Buffalo

Buffalo- a city so vast in nightlife that you could faint with confusion; whether to choose the beautifully restored buildings like Shea's Theater that host Broadway productions or unwind the neighbourhood pubs like Alternative Brews and Bar-Bill Tavern, brims with entertainment options beyond imagination. From a perfect date night to an unmatched music concert, this place has it all. However, when it is brought down to the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Buffalo, the response is usually subjective to the experience and taste of the partiers.

Taking in accounts a number of factors, this is the collection of the top 3 places to party in Buffalo during your sun-down hours in the city:

1. East Aurora

A village in Erie County in the south-eastern part of Aurora, East Aurora is a part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area. This quirky district in Buffalo has an amazing nightlife to look forward to. With a collection of speciality shops, restaurants, bars and clubs, East Aurora is one place that acts as the confluence between the past and the present. Some of the best ones include Bar-Bill Tavern, Don Juan Mexican Bar & Grill, Aurora Brew Works and Tony Rome's Globe Restaurant.

2. Amherst

Another one on the charts in the Erie County, Amherst is the largest and most populous suburb of Buffalo encompassing most of the village of Williamsville as well as the hamlets of Eggertsville, Getzville, Snyder, Swormville, and East Amherst. Flaunting its metropolitan nature, it is evident that the place in lieu to cater to demands provides people with an exciting nightlife including an intricate collection of clubs bars and taverns, bringing the native taste in view. Some of the major clubs in the area include Sportsmen's Tavern, Casey's Tavern, Rohall's Corner, Barry's Bar and Alternative Brew Inc.

3. Downtown

Having been the nucleus of Buffalo since its foundation, the Downtown still retains its central importance both geographically and commercially. The nightlife of this windy area is better than its counterparts. Home to various breweries, Downtown is the place to grab a beer or two. With so much variety in Theatre, movies and live music performances happening simultaneously almost every day, Downtown caters to a huge strata of classic aficionados. Some of the most known names in the area include Eddie Brady's Tavern, Pearl Street, Club Marcella, Sky Bar, Broadway Joe's and Bada Bing.

With thousands of watering holes waiting till 4 am for your last call, Buffalo calls out to you for a relentless partying and nightlife. Old-school taverns, bar crawling, crafty brews, casinos and live music, you name it and Buffalo has it! So what are you waiting for!! Christmas!?

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