Discover Budapest Nightlife & Where To Party In Budapest

Where To Party In Budapest?

Budapest Nightlife

If Buda and Pest were siblings, Buda would be that nerd and Pest would be one of those hippy and naughty ones that are poles apart in all things counted! And this pretty much describes the nightlife in Budapest. Artistic and Mesmerizing through its remarkable history and serene views, but its nightlife can’t be underestimated. From hording into those very predictable bars and night clubs to partying beneath the sheet of stars on a cruise, a night spent here would definitely hold a memorable preference within your hearts! No matter from where you are and what you prefer, whether it’s just another peaceful, subtle night you want to experience or just throw up your hands up and dance till dawn, the nightlife of Budapest has something to offer to everyone. For Budapest, it’s all about standing out from its ruin bars to its cruise parties, you will find everything new to explore! So here are some of the best areas you should party in Budapest:

7th district, highly recommended for a memorable nightlife in Budapest
1. 7th district

Sun setting gorgeously over the Danube River in the background, with Ruin Bars and pubs taking the center stage, just name it and 7th district has it! This district serves one of the best nightlife in Budapest, just pull off a stag with your loved ones and start dancing. There are numerous bars and clubs in this area, but what steals the show are the Ruin Bars, which are something Budapest is known for. Each ruin bar is unique while at the same time, all share certain similarities; the essence of all of them remains usually an abandoned building. There are plenty of ruins bars with different kind of ambience and services, plus you will find a bar at a stone throw distance to another! Cool isn’t it? Something abandoned and dilatated could really be converted into something so lively and fun! So, when in Budapest, try something that its known for its ruin bars. Some of the choices are Szimpla Kert which is one of the first ones, the place is open air and if you are travelling in group with lots of people, this place is highly recommended for a memorable nightlife in Budapest. Then they have Fogas Haz, which had its opening in 2010. It’s the right choice for you if you are a person who believes in shooting several shots in a single arrow. This place has various arenas including an open air dining and great food, but what stands out is the rock club robot in the basement!

2. Danube River

Night on a River! Sounds romantic doesn’t it! This one would probably be the best idea if you are with your loved one, but apart from seeing the panaroma of the river and bridges, partying on Danube River is known for its cruise parties! Yes, cruise parties on Danube marks the nightlives of Budapest. From Thundering music to wine to food, these cruise parties lure your inner reveler in! The thundering music gets your mind drooling, but no one would mid to take a minute to appreciate those impeccable views of the river and the chain bridge. This place is undoubtedly the best place to party in Budapest.

Danube River is undoubtedly the best place to party in Budapest.
When in Budapest, party here at the downtown 15th District
3. Downtown, 15th district

In the downtown, you can perfectly manage to spend the whole night without going to bed. You can actually checkout as many drinking destinations as you want in one night! To start with it, we recommend you to have dinner in one of the mouthwatering restaurants like Klassz, Gerlóczy or ‘M, ordering the magnificent pálinka, a fruit brandy of Central Europe. After filling your belly, you can wander around the streets from one club to another. In the bars like Boutiq’Bar, Bar Domby or Rézangyal you can dance and listen to music all night, but for a nice talk you might love to go to old pubs like Szimpla, Hivatal or Castro. The fact that this neighborhood has many clubs and bars for drinking makes it all the dreamier for ultimate debauchery. When in Budapest, party here!

You know how we talk about living in the moment. Well, spent a night in Budapest and you will experience it! Whether with your soulmate or your pals, Budapest will not disappoint you. So get your dancing shoes or your stilettos Budapest welcomes any and everykind!