Best Places to Party in Bucharest

Best Places to Party in Bucharest

Best Places to Party in Bucharest

Known for its villas and wide living spaces, Bucharest is not devoid of decent places to enjoy the nightlife. Nicknamed as "Little Paris", it houses elegant early 20th century architecture showing French influences. Abounding with beautiful cafes and trendy restaurants, this is one city which people should take out time to unwind. Whether it is the urge to sip in a fancy cocktail or simply indulge in a candle light dinner with your loved one, Bucharest lets you experience all the things you can pursue.

So here is a rundown of some of the areas offering the best of this capital city. So people! Take notes as we take you on a virtual tour of the top 3 places to party in Bucharest:

Strada Smardan one of the best streets to enjoy nightlife in Bucharest
1. Strada Smardan

One of the busiest streets in the old town, Strada Smardan has a wide collection of bars, pubs and cafes. The area counts as one of the history buff sort of places with short lanes and stuffed apartments. But despite the congestion, this place today is one of the best places to party all night. Some of the most visited nightspots in this district in Bucharest include, Nomad Skybar, the Vintage Pub, Les Bourgeois, Bound, Grand Cafe Van Gogh and St. Patrick. This area is the epicentre of the entire college and university inhabitants who have special bars and pubs in their names including Trinity College Pub, Tehnic Pub and Curtea Berarilor and the likes.

2. Floreasca

Though it is a rather posh residential area, Floreasca is one of the best places to party in Bucharest with its fine restaurants, bars and clubs. Most of the city's smartest and exclusive clubs are located on the shore of Lake Floreasca, with some of them being present in and around Piata Floreasca itself. Famous pubs and taverns in the area include Gett's Men Exclusive, Dionysos Wine Bar, Madame Pogany and E3. This clearly is one of the must visit places if you like variety in your nightlife.

Floreasca one of the best places to party in Bucharest
Dorobanti, one of the best places for nightlife and party in Bucharest
3. Dorobanti

Known for its confluence of cultures of two centuries and fine villas, this place, side by side, houses some of the most trendy restaurants, bars and especially cafes in Bucharest. One most insanely visited and widely appreciated one in this vicinity is The Loft. This nightclub in Bucharest offers you the dream date that Hollywood has been preparing us for. Drinks, food or music, you name it and Loft has it! Other than this, there are a bunch if nightspots such as Skybar, Mon Amour Cafe, Versus Cafe Lounge and Control Club. All in all, Dorobanti is the place to go if you want your nightlife to be quiet and full of luxury.

Now that you have the night and the list, don’t kill the buzz by getting cosy under your blanket! All that you want to witness is just a flight away. Visit Bucharest today!