Top 3 Places to Party in Bucaramanga

Top 3 Places to Party in Bucaramanga

Top 3 Places to Party in Bucaramanga

The fifth largest metropolitan area in Columbia, Bucaramanga is the capital of Santander. Located in Eastern Colombia, on the Cordillera, a branch of Andes Mountains and on the shore of the Oro River, the city is beauty in its own right! Also known as a city of parks for its infinite lush green parks and endowments, the city is also home to various marvelous historic attractions and tourist spots of Santander.

Nightlife in Bucaramanga is one of the best ones to experience in the whole country. People usually go out fairly early here, around 8 or 9 pm, and most places close by about 2- 3am on weekends. With a wide variety to pick from among plenteous bars and clubs, one thing you will notice in Bucaramanga is that the nightlife is not just restricted into bars and clubs, but also play their charm in the umpteen outdoor festivals held every now and then. The last couple of years have seen a rise in the number of outdoor festivals and raves in Bucaramanga. Fans of Drum Bass and Dubstep can also find their fix at the bi-weekly events that happen in farmhouses close to the city. There are several areas and neighborhoods that define the nightlife of Bucaramanga very well such as the Zona Rosa, Around Parque de las Palmas, and around the university as well. You are sure to find your place of interest in one of the neighborhoods. Inside these spaces, you get served sumptuous food, banging music ranging from salsa to rock and also a very friendly crowd to remember on your way back home. So check out the best neighborhoods to Party in Bucarmanga:

1. Zona Rosa

Located in the eastern part of the city, Zona Rosa stretches from Carreras 33 to 34. Zona Rosa is, as the name suggests, the liveliest neighborhood in all of Bucaramanga. Most of the nightclubs in Bucaramanga are open until 2 to 4 am, which is the best part of partying in this city. Nightclubs play all kinds of music, ranging from electronic and reggae ton to Vallenato. There are some great spots in the district including the Santa Locura, which is very much preferred by locals. Here you can dance on the rock music and grab some drinks as well. Another place is the Salsa y Bembe, which is great for Salsa lovers and a bit more sophisticated. Some other places include Calison and I love New York.

2. Around Parque de Las Palmas

Just nearby Carrera 33 is another night out spot for Bucaramanga partygoers. The area is more about pub style drinking and those who love that will have a ball in this area. You will also notice that this area hosts every age group. One of the places to hit in this district is Saxo Pub. If you love dancing heart out on banging music, the place is just for you people. And also the pub is known for featuring the city's best beer selection. Another great place is the Irish Pub, which is also a great choice for partying in Bucaramanga. And if you simply want to just grab a beer, head over to the Bahia Beer Pub. The place is great and also very inexpensive for those who all looking to party on a budget in Bucaramanga. Another banging spot in this area is Epica Rock Bar and as the name suggests, the pub is known for its rock music. If you feel like partying hard with a soaring crowd to keep you company, then the place is great! All in all, the area is less hectic and more laid-back, and is the best place to party with locals in Bucaramanga.

3. The area between Calle 48 and Calle 52

The area stretching up between these streets is full of different bars and clubs. This is one of the liveliest areas in Bucaramanga with a younger crowd. Bars and clubs play music that is sure to get stuck in your head. Some of the great places include La House, a great bar setting with a laid back venue. The place is also known to host great events throughout the year as well. And other nightout spots in the area include Vint rash, Dash Tienda and Malabar.

In the past years, the city of Bucaramanga has transformed itself in a modern one, which comes with a fact that you will find a hip nightlife scene in the city!

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