Best Night life in Brno. Find The Best Places To Party In Brno

Best Night Life & Places To Party In Brno, Czech Republic

Best Places to Party in Brno

Lying amidst the Bohemian Moravian forested highlands and the fertile South Moravian vineyards, Brno is the perfect holiday destination for any kind of traveler. It stands apart from other touristy spots with its high-profile natural environment for living, business and recreation. The city poses to be a unique cultural centre of the whole region, replete with permanent theatre ensembles, opera, ballet and musical stages, a philharmonic orchestra, along with a list of several museums, galleries and libraries. Also contrary to the wide known belief, Brno's party scene cannot be missed. Here is a collection of the top 3 Places to party in Brno, providing the best night life experience in this Czech jewel:

Bystrc, one of the best places to party in Brno
1. Bystrc

Located on the backs of the Svratka River, Bystrc is one of the most demanded in terms of nightlife. Though the concept of wild nightlife is a little far-fetched for this place, there is a variety of pubs and restaurants offering the best experience in life giving you a combined package of cocktails, great food and great music all under one umbrella. Some of the most renowned ones on the list include Prygl Bar, Pub at Kosa, Ahoy, Restaurace U Gogola, Restaurace Hvězda and Bistro U Hrocha. For brew enthusiasts one of the must visit places include Včelínek, known to serve the best beer place near Brno.

2. Královo Pole

The northern most district of Brno, Kralovo Pole became a part of Brno after the World War-I. Renowned for its good commutation network, this is one of the best places to party and enjoy nightlife in Brno. Brno’s insane inclination towards music is evident from the large variety of music pubs and bars including Lady Marion, Pitkin music bar and restaurants and Bar V Zamilovanem Hajku. Some of the other quieter places include Forrum Cafe, Alterna club, U kotelny and Brio. Hardcore wanderlusts who aim to ‘live’ the city are sure to find these teeny taverns worth spending the night in.

Kralovo Pole one of the best nightlife and place to party in Brno
Bohunice, one of the best place to enjoy night life in Brno, Czech Republic
3. Bohunice

Located in the south-western part of the Brno, this is the one of the most sought after districts of the city. Well connected with the other districts, Bohunice is one of the best places near Brno for a quiet nightlife experience. Though not holding any major chains, this is one place to party in Brno where you can find countless colloquial bars and taverns serving on their toes to give you a dive into the indigenous flavours. Some of the best on the list include Hopoda Kavarka, Pivnice Kadlecova, U Briardu, Krematorium Brno Bohunice, and Fruitisimo Campus. For the tune attached people, some of the best options include, Metro Music Bar, Music Lab, Charlie's Hat and Super Panda Circus.

Though not one of those blingy metropolitan stages, Brno can really impress you with its small town charm and offbeat nightlife!