Top 3 Places to Party in Boston

Top 3 Places to Party in Boston

Top 3 Places to Party in Boston

A conventional and barrier-breaking city in the States, the once historical city of Boston is perfectly eulogized as the Athens of America! This culturally endowed and seafood specialist region is the oldest city in USA!

Nightlife in Boston not just thrives on Bars and clubs, but also on theatres and cultural experiences. You might enjoy a lively night out in the town, or maybe a simple seating at a cozy spot, Boston has a lot to choose from. Travel to Boston and you’ll know how each and every neighborhood has its own charm and spark. Plus if you are a sports fanatic, there’s no place better than Boston. So if planning a trip to Boston, make sure all your nights are booked at one of these best neighborhoods to party in Boston:

1. Back Bay

Owning most of the attractions and monuments of Boston, Bay Back is nowhere less talented in serving the best nightlife of the city. The area is lined up with some of the best night spots here and therefore, the odds are always in favor of a fun and happy night out. One of the best places is the BaLlola Tapas Lounge. The bar is great for any group outing, with small-size appetizers and fine mixed drinks perfect for every accession. If you prefer a pizza night, Sonsie is the place that pours love in the form of Fermented Grape with an equally passionate dinner, menu including Frittatas, Pizzas, and Mingon. Also, if you enjoy alfresco dining, Sonsie offers a great date spot. Nearby Sonsie lies a place called Pour House. This place offers a completely insane Boston Bar experience. This Back Bay spot adds fuel to any party through its dinner classics including Burgers and Nachos and ice cold beers. This spot will not fail to please any night crawler.

2. Downtown

In Downtown, you get an abundance of great bars and clubs, but there are options for a lot of other activities as well. Talking about bars and clubs, Tia's is a warm- weather spot located in Christopher Columbus Park, near the Boston Harbor. The bar is always packed with tourists and locals. With delicious frozen cocktails and seafood across a lovely setting, Tia’s is sure to win your heart! For sports lovers, the Hub Pub is a classic bar in Downtown. You can enjoy a round or two of pool or even watch sports here. But that's not it! Sit in the oval-shaped Bar and enjoy a decent beer selection. The Bell in Hand is the United States' oldest Tavern, a historic spot where you can grab a beer or any other booze. This place is great for music lovers as it hosts live music on weekends. Choose to dine in the restaurant, or have fun at the bar side, or maybe spend the night dancing on the dance floor, it just has it all! Also, there is many more places to drink and dance in Boston including Boston Beer works, Scholars, J.J. Foleys, Elephant and Castle and many more. Apart from bars and clubs, you can choose to indulge in some cultural performances in Boston Opera House, the Modern Theatre, and the Orpheum theatre.

3. Fenway Park

In this area, you get to see a lot of big screens, fine brew, great food and plenty to love. One of the most loved spaces is the Bleach Bar and is referred to as the Boston's ultimate sports bar. Located right under the Bleachers with a splendid view of Center field, you will feel the breeze, smell the grass and also hear the roaring of Crowd. The bar has been serving night crawlers for over 10 years with great and affordable drinks coupled with delicious food. Now; another place for sports lovers is the Tony C's Sports Bar and Grill. With huge high- quality TV screens, a comfy banquette seating, and an impressive bar, this place is a Disneyland for partiers and hardcore revelers. On top of all of that, food selection here is amazing and a dining under the glow of Fenway's right field lights is just right! For sports lovers, this neighborhood offers ceaseless options to party in Boston. There are some more places to choose from including Cask'n Flagon, Lansdowne pub, Beer works, Baseball Tavern and a lot more.

Nightlife in Boston makes you wonder what to see and what not, but staying in your rooms after dark is definitely not a choice here!

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