Top 3 Places to Party in Boracay

Top 3 Places to Party in Boracay

Top 3 Places to Party in Boracay

Replete with postcard perfect stretches of sand lined from one end of its 500 m wide line of beaches, Boracay is one tiny place in the Philippines’ region that manages to attract the crowds that are always in excess than the compact space can handle. With pristine blue waters and the amazing white sandy beaches, Boracay one of the hottest beach destination and tropical paradise in the entirety of Asia! An attractive region for the backpackers travellers on a budget, it would be a different region altogether if luxury is infused in your holiday, giving you a chance to experience the paradox in just one place. Along with that, the place offers a wide plethora of gastronomical nationalities including French, Australian, Belgian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai- an amalgamation of which is now fused right into the native cuisine!

With a profusion of activities to pursue during the day, the nights are usually the place that the mind begins to wander around. To help you plan your post sun hours in the region, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods to party in Boracay:

1. White Beach

Just like the moniker of the place suggests, the beaches in White Beach are plain white of colour which coupled with the brilliant blue water make a sight for sore eyes. A crown jewel of Boracay, White Beach is one marvel in nature which is blessed with the stretches of vast blue sky, coupled with the crystal clear waters, powered beaches and the culmination of the three right down at the horizon. Arguably the best tourist spot, this is one place you go to for everything from the expensive restaurants to the rowdy bars. Some of the most famous spots for nightlife in the region include Red Pirates, Crystal Shack, Boracay Coconut station, Aplaya, The beach bar, Levantin Boracay, Wave bar and lounge, Exit bar, Bombom bar and MO2 Wave bar.

2. Bulabog Beach

If we had to assign just one part of the Boracay region to the adventure junkies and the thrill seekers, Bulabog Beach would definitely be the premier choice. Though it is relatively smaller in size, breathing from between the brethren beaches, Bulabog Beach makes up for more than its size in the availability for the outdoor sports, especially water sports; with some of the major water sports in the region including kite-surfing, water-paragliding and surfing. However, as the night draws near, the beach takes up a whole new facade and becomes the focal point to a plethora of bars and charming restaurants. Some of the major hang out spots in the region include Levantin Boracay, Crystal shack, Fusion sports bar, Area 51, Aplaya the Beach bar, Ocean Bar & KTV, Cocomangas Shooter Bar Franchise, Cork and Coco Bar.

3. Station 2

The main shopping hub in the region, Station 2 houses one of the most desirable markets for people prefer to witness and admire the local handicraft. Thanks to the large influx of customers, especially tourists, the place has mushroomed up as one of the great choices to spend your night in. Some of the major bars and nightclubs in the region include Boracay PubCrawl, Exit Bar, Epic Boracay, Wave Bar & Lounge, Summer Place, Club Paraw, Bombom Bar, Fabulous Fifties Cafe Bar & Restaurant, Gasthof Cafe' Lei, Guilly's Island and Charlh's Bar.

To make sure the level of your night matches your dreams, make sure to match your list with ours! Safe Travels!

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