Best Places to Party in Berlin

Best Places to Party in Berlin

Best Places to Party in Berlin

Berlin, probable the hippest city in the world, is home to all things party. From derelict ruins converted to pubs, to the funky Spree-side Beach bars, the sheer diversity of nightlife in Berlin is unmatched. This vast city calls for a sturdy navigation system, since connectivity can often be an issue here. But for carouses seeking a nocturnal heaven, nothing beats the nightclubs in Berlin.

You definitely do not seek to waste your night asking passer-bys about the nearest hotspot. So hit the top 3 places to party in Berlin before they go houseful:

Mitte, one of the best places to party in Berlin
1. Mitte

Formerly an Eastern bloc slum, Mitte underwent a wonderful facelift with some rough edges retained in the nightlife scene in Berlin. Top-notch places like Weekend, King Kong Klub and Kaffee Burger pull in thousands of bacchanals every weekend. Haus des Reisens, a former Soviet tower block, hosts an empowering expression of Berlin nightlife, with its terrace bar hosting some great entertainment opportunities. Fans of Rave, Techno and House stay here from sundown to sunup. Mitteleuropa’s Beer Garden culture is best preserved in Mitte’s Weihenstephaner, the oldest brewery in the world!

2. Kreuzberg

A haven for alternative cultures, fringe groups and Turkish immigrants, Kreuzberg has always been the melting pot of Berlin. Closely stationed to the geographical centre of Berlin, this neighborhood hosts a bevy of clubs, cocktail bars and eateries. a bit edgier than Mitte, Kreuzberg offers a flair parallel to the pricey Mitte clubs. Oranienstrasse is the center of Kreuzberg’s nightlife, hosting an array of rock, punk and indie music venues. The otherwise less esthetic surface of this neighborhood hosts a bunch of ture hidden gems too, like the bustling Watergate.

Kreuzberg, one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Berlin
Friedrichshain the best place to party in Berlin
3. Friedrichshain

The eccentric face of Berling unfolds here in Friedrichshain, a diamond-in-the-rough neighborhood that underwent the inevitable post-wall gentrification. Its nightlife revolves around the famed Boxhangener Platz and Simon-Dach-Strasse, two lively areas bursting with a raucous crowd over the weekend. Rosi’s and Cassiopeia are two giant club complexes that pull countless late-night clubbers. A mandatory check in is reserved for Berghain, a converted power station dedicated to the Techno music scene in Berlin.

Berlin is practically a byword for nightlife sans taboo and alternative culture. Berlin is famous for bars the cater to every party-lover, from underground clubs blasting loud Techno to the most sophisticated cocktail bars, to laid-back joints for quick after-work booze. Besides it rubs shoulders with Amsterdam for the title of the most liberal city in all respects.