Best Places to Party in Belgrade

Best Places to Party in Belgrade

Best Places to Party in Belgrade

Belgrade, an old city that has seen a lot of things and survived through all of it, is a region that still houses civilians living there, clenching and trembling at the name of war. However, the present gush of wanderlusts souls seeking and exploring every possible, off the beaten path destination, have created an upsurge in Belgrade’s travel industry too. Excellent museums, prominent theatres, extreme sports and uncountable places to visit, Belgrade never ceases to amaze you with its magical charm! The premier attractions of the city include the historic areas and buildings. Despite being backward in economic and financial terms from other European counterparts, Belgrade is much ahead in teaching people how to party. “Coffee at daylight and beer at night”, this is the principle at which the city operates. Here, clubbing is divided into two different types- summer clubs and winter clubs. Winter clubs are the indoor clubs which opens from September end to May early. And when the summer comes, summer clubs get its hike and set the party mood. So, with all this basic info in your mind, check out the top 3 places to party in Belgrade:

1. Banks Of Rivers Sava And Danube

"Wherever the waters, there is a party". This saying can be true near the River Sava, one that divides the city into two halves and Danube. These clubs are known as "splavs” or “splavovi” meaning Boats, because these clubs are nothing but big rafts or boats remodeled into discotheques. In general, these clubs don't have a dance floor, but tables and furnishings. Neither is there anycrafty list of cocktails; you can go on for the entire night by ordering mainstream vodka or the local beer. The most popular area is near river Sava, this section of Belgrade is full of summer night clubs. From old Railway Bridge to Gazelo bridge party, some best splavs here are- 20/44, Lasta and KC grad. Also, the Splavs like drugstore at Danube port are also fun to be at!

2. Strahinjica Bana

Popular as the Silicon Valley of Belgrade and located in the urban neighborhood Dorcol, in daylight, this street would look like any ordinary street of Belgrade. But at night, it sheds off its boring clothes and puts on some perky heels. Most of the cafes here are crowded in winter nights and are located in the streets 50 and 80. People come here to stroll and feel the party vibes but there is a wave of people watching and getting watched by people as well! This street is emerging as a spot for new richie riches of Belgrade and also of gold diggers, therefore, sarcastically named as “Silicon Valley”. Prices at bars here are largely affordable. Though, being the good place to party at, Strahinjica bana is little overrated.

3. Skadarlija

Though the street name is Skardarska, but the name Skadarlija is more popular among the locals; so if anyone directs you with this name, don’t worry, just keep going! This former bohemian street is now-a-days called as The Balkans Street. Popular among locals and tourists for its cheerful and active artists’ atmosphere and also due to the immediate proximity of the national Theatre, Skadarlija is always, always packed. The area uses colored cobblestones and selected Serbian cuisine with Serbian bands to welcome the people visiting it. Everything aside, the best thing you would love about it is the whole atmosphere and auras it emits. Some of the good café worth spending time at are- restaurant of Skadarlija are- Tri Sesira, Dva Jelena, Zlatin Bokal and Ima Dana.

Being among the top city to party at, Belgrade clubs are one of those types where only well party dressed people can seek an entry. Also, they don’t charge an entrance amount but you should have reservation before hand. When in Belgrade must to go to kafanas for the coffee and do try the rakija, local beer to taste the real taste of Belgrade. Party all night is the only things which you have to keep in mind while visiting Belgrade.

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