Best Places to Party in Beijing

Best Places to Party in Beijing

Best Places to Party in Beijing

There’s no denying the fact that with a tag of world’s greatest workaholics, the Chinese dudes definitely know how to party hard! As soon as the sun sets, the crowds put on their party hats and march towards the happening pubs and bars of the city. For big buck spenders, there is lot to unwind, be it booze and shaking a leg. Partyhouses and clubs get flocked at nights and act as stressbusters. Students can be seen full of energy and spirit hustling to get into live music houses. The best news for party freaks is that Beijing government doesn’t have any strict laws pertaining to alcohol, so one may freely loosen up. So to practice such immense freedom, make sure you hit the best areas with the craziest bars and pubs. Check out these top 3 places to party in Beijing:

1. Dongcheng

Dongcheng district has a lot to offer in terms of breweries and live music. Located in the eastern territory, it pays home to Great Leap Brewing, a local brewery with two taprooms to kill one’s thirst for exotic beer. Mao Mao Chong, a vastly flocked nightspot in Beijing is famous for providing over 50 varieties of cocktails and mouth-watering pizzeria. People seeking the feel of an open terrace party need not look beyond the Yin Bar, a beautifully engineered rooftop bar in Beijing that gives you a complete wide angle view of the entire city. Finally, if you have two left feet and are never in the mood for dancing, well you can relax in a Jacuzzi, with martini. Heaven right?

2. Chaoyang

Chaoyang, a massive district covering almost the entire central Beijing, is bound to house the most happening places for its close proximity to justa bout everything! Xiu, a spacious bar cum lounge is the first one to hit your head when it comes to live music and open wine bars. Cigar lovers might get a feel of Cuba when puffing smoke in Xiu’s cigar parlour, where beauty hits the dance floor every day or the other. Want to feel ‘high’? Why not visit the highest bar in the city, the Atmosphere Bar. Resting at 330 metres in height this bar offers each and every high class booze in the world. When here, simply name a brand and you’ll not be disappointed. The party flavour and drinks are top notch, and the music ought to take you in a state of trance. Besides all this, The World of Suzie Wong is the place where the whole youth of Beijing can be seen flocking. The bar is always alive with DJs and performances.

3. Xi Cheng

Located near the Forbidden City, this entire place is life of the party. People wishing to get old school can hit the karaoke bars, with Cashbox Party World being the most famous of all. People who love to sing but don’t want to sound bad will be amazed to visit this place and see how enchanting their voice can become with the help of professional sound system.

With all the booze and crazy unfoldings offered, you are destined to get stung by the marvel of night life in Beijing.

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