Best Places to Party in Bath

Best Places to Party in Bath

Best Places to Party in Bath

Known around the world for its archaeological prowess, Bath derives its name from the 2000 year old Roman baths established in the region. Considered to be one of the most beautiful small cities, Bath is a living example of the perfect confluence of Georgian and Roman lineages. Located in the Avon Valley between the region of Cotswolds and Mendip Hills, Bath is one of the most perfect examples to study the beauty of the ancient and incredibly maintained architecture. In a place this beautiful, your entire vacay passes by in a blur while gawking at all things fascinating. However, to plan your nights, you would have to be a little more specific. To guide you towards the best areas to spend your dark hours in, here is an index of the regions most famous for their post-dusk activities:

1. City Centre

The hotspot of all the activity, the City Centre, as is evident from the name, is snuggled up right in the heart of the city of Bath. The focal point of the city's culture, music, art, attractions, history and restaurants, City Centre is the place to be to enjoy all the local experience. One of the most element pieces of architecture in the place is the Museum of the famous Roman Baths. A day can be spent exploring the beauty of the plethora of the interesting sites lying within this walk-friendly city. For the night too, the place is a treasure box of opportunities. If you're looking to dance your dark away, the best options include Zero/Zero, the Nest, Sub 13, Po Na Na and the Common Room. To listen to live bands perform, the best places include Moles and Komedia. The best bars in the region include The Bell Inn and the Belushi's.

2. Walcot

Complete with the shops providing everything from antiques to herbal remedies, Walcot is known as the most 'Alternative' area of Bath. Replete with small pubs oozing out character and beautiful Georgian houses, Walcot is one of the deepest dives you can experience in the local products and local lifestyle. The best bars in the region include The Bell Inn, Walcot House, Corkage, and Belushi’s Bath, Revolution, Circo Bars, All Bar One and Mandalyns Bar. The best pubs in the area include The Star Inn, the Cork, the Salamander, the Pig & Fiddle, the Old Green Tree, the Raven, the Boater and Coeur De Lion.

3. Widcombe

Located across the river from Bath, Widcombe is one of the most independent and self reliant area in the region. The high street in the region is known for housing a number of independent shops and takeaways which pose alluring options to the natives. Some of the best pubs in the region include The White Hart, Widcombe Social Club and Ring O Bells. If you wish to unwind the best night clubs, try The Second Bridge and Widcombe Mummers. The best way to spend the night in this region, however, is to find a local tavern and get a chance to treat your taste buds with the most mouth watering the local flavours.

To appreciate the night in the true sense, find a place according to your own taste. Whether you prefer the silence of pubs, the mediocrity of bars or the deafening buzz of nightclubs, Bath is ready to serve it all!

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