Top 3 Places to Party in Bariloche

Top 3 Places to Party in Bariloche

Top 3 Places to Party in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is a great destination better known for its grandeur mountains, ski resorts, and the likes! For all the outdoor activities the rest of the year, Bariloche also offers exciting nightlife as well! With an array of pubs, bars, and discos where the younger can party until the morning hours, this tourist spot in Argentina is very popular among high school grads who come here on their trips from June to September, with an abundance of options to choose from.

The bars and clubs here offer state of the art light and sound systems and the best music sections selection for all ages as well s international DJ shows. Mainly the clubs are located on lakeside districts such as the Juan Manuel de Rosas Street and City center, but there is some more districts to choose from the swell. Check out these best districts to party in Bariloche:

1. Juan Manuel de Rosas

The street of Manuel de Rosas is located next to the river of Lake Nahuel Huapi. This lively area can be called the heart of the nightlife of Bariloche as it houses some of the best nightspots of the city. Located on the hippest street is one of the most popular nightclubs of the city, Roket, a large establishment with a capacity of 2000 persons, five floors, four bars, and 3 dance floors! The highlight of the bar is its high tech laser lightening, plus an amazing sound system and its vast size, meaning if you once step here you don't need to go anywhere else. Popular among locals and young backpackers, Rocker's is Bariloche's answer to the gigantic mega club in Europe's ski resorts. Another bar in the very same street is the La Cantina, a bit inexpensive than most of the bars and club in the city and hence, perfect for all those looking for a decent night out. The music and ambiance are great and spacious enough to house many partygoers at a single time. Another venue on the street is Genux. This one is very popular among the locals and is aimed at the younger crowd. It is designed with the futuristic theme, with a capacity of 1400 and also a sophisticated VIP lounge. It has a number of walkways, levels, and balconies with two dance floors and three bars.

2. Centro Civico

Nearby the street of Juan Manuel de Rosas is the City center of Bariloche. This district in Bariloche is relatively smaller but doesn't lack options for nightlife. In the day the area is a beautiful paradise and at night it turns into a party haven. In the heart of the city is situated South Bar, which is a relaxed and laid back pub. South Bar is a relatively quiet spot so it's perfect to unwind after exploring the city. It serves a good range of beers, many with unusual flavors such as honey or raspberry. Another venue is Antares is a restaurant and microbrewery with an amazing range of different brews to choose from. Another one of Bariloche's excellent breweries is Manush, serving 13 different artisanal beers and a delicious food menu. The decked out wood ambiance and an intimate atmosphere is perfect to unwind and de-stress! The district is overall awesome and is one of the best nightlife districts in Bariloche.

3. Cerro Cathedral

Cerro cathedral ski resort is the most extensive ski center in the southern hemisphere and is one of the most important ones too! The resort has a pretty good range of dining and drinking options too. Rodeo Pub and Steak House are one of the best restaurants in the Cerro village. The décor is quite funky and inviting, with a pretty amazing service. Argentina is known for its amazing steaks and Rodeo does a very fine example of great and delicious steak. After a great supper, you can head to one of the best nightlife venues in the village, Mute. Mute is quite contradictory to its name cause the venue is a vibrant and lively nightspot because it hosts bands and DJs playing great 80s and 90s tracks. Drinks are quite reasonable with dining options. Another venue is the Jacksons' bar next to the Soul Max Hotel, which is great for a laid back drink. The village has a handful amount of other bars too to choose from.

The city is great for every kind of nightlife options including quiet, laid back and hippy ones!

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