Best Places to Party in Barcelona

Best Places to Party in Barcelona

Best Places to Party in Barcelona

Spain- a country where people eat late, booze late, and step out to party very late! It’s no surprise if the nightclubs are empty till 1 am and packed to capacity till 6 in the morning. The nightlife in Barcelona is as versatile as you’d expect in any major city that works on tourists, students and hippie principles.

Besides the rich culture, tourist attractions and a whole urban vibe, Barcelona is equally insane to explore after dark. Offering the trendiest nightlife in Spain, here are the top 3 places to party in Barcelona that are an absolute must-see.

Gothic Quarters, a place that offers the best nightlife in Barcelona
1. Gothic Quarters

Barrio Gotico’s narrow and shady streets are a god sent site for nightowls and hardcore partiers. Hosting the wildest bars in Barcelona, the Gothic Quarters showcase it all from the live jazz bars to noisy indie discotheques. Macarena, a shoebox sized techno club is at a stone’s throw from the legendary Las Ramblas. Sidecar (See-de-car) and Karma are eminent rock and indie clubs that stand with pride at Plaza Reial. For Latin, Funk and Soul listeners, there is the Marula Café in City Center. Hip hoppers head to the Afro-American Jamboree, while opulent cocktail drinkers assemble at Los Alamos.

2. Port Olimpic

This up and coming district in Barcelona turns into a 24/7 party place in the summer months. The infinite stretch of upscale restros and nightclubs draws many smarty pants to grab a fancy cocktail. Places like CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club), Ice Bar, Shoko and of course the epic Opium Barcelona (the one with a superb restaurant on a beach-side terrace) are some of the most popular nightspots in Barcelona. Cool cats in swanky beachwear and ritzy sunglasses drop by in abundance here for evening booze, before the dolled-up damsels and gorgeous Adonises try their luck with an after-party hook-up until wee hours.

Port Olimpic, one of the best places to party in Barcelona
Raval offers you the most epic nightlife experience in Barcelona
3. Raval

If you do not identify with the sophisticated Port Olimpic, Barcelona has the edgier Raval for you! With umpteen Bohemian imbibers sipping in Chupito after Chupito, Raval offers you the most epic hipsters’ Bar Crawl of all times. Rambla de Ravl is the beating heart of this district in Barcelona, where a bunch of hip bars like Ambar are profuse with kebab joints besides many uptight cocktail bars like the suave Marmalade. The neighborhood around the MACBA Museum is all for tattooed and pierced kiddos skating their way to the Nou de la Rambla.

With more and more ‘Lounge’ Clubs springing up, Barcelona has a lot to offer to the travelers other than hardcore bacchanals. So get your party shoes on, the best places to party in Barcelona are sure to make your stay worthwhile!