Top 3 Places to Party in Bangalore

Top 3 Places to Party in Bangalore

Top 3 Places to Party in Bangalore

A strange mix of restful old and the bustling brand-new, Bangalore is the perfect, if slightly eclectic, mix of both elements. The city has expanded like a shot over the years, thanks to IT boom that caused it to spread out in a large, ungainly sprawl, making it to exceed the boundaries imagined by the founder of the place Kempe Gowda. The city coming from the time of villages and farmlands, has now converted into a beautiful clutch of micro-towns and busy neighbourhoods, each one having its own distinct characteristics. Acting as a magnet for people from all over the nation, Bangalore is an ideal homage for people looking for professional opportunities and subsequently housing junctures. As the city expanded, the people across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent made Bangalore their home, bringing along all their cultural and religious beliefs and making it the perfect mosaic of every corner of India.

As is evident, there won't be a dearth of options and sights to keep your days occupied, but as the night dawns the confusion about how to spend dawns too. To help you through the mix of old and new places, here is the list of the coolest neighbourhoods in Bangalore to spend your post-dusk hours:

1. Koramangala

A relatively new area in the Bangalore region, if we had to name a youth hub in the city, we would go no farther than Koramangala. Home to the major start ups and the residence of the promising entrepreneurs, if there was a heart to the IT city, this would be it. Being the focal point of youth in the city, the place is brimming with social interactions and a buzzing nightlife, where all the springtides head out to unwind after the hard day's work. To spend your night in a cold slumber, the best local bars in the region include Over the Top, Banana Beach Bar, Tilt Gastro Lounge, The Local, Bak-Bak Bar, Happy Brew, Fill n' chill, 1522, Prost, Filling Station, Sotally Tober, The Beer Cafe, B-Hive Pub and Don't Tell Mama. If you want to spend your night indulging in some really good live music, the best option is to pick Gilly's Resto Bar.

2. Indiranagar

Lying in the heart of Bangalore, Indiranagar is one place that is brimming with offices and subsequently jolly crowds of pubs and restaurants, making it a delight for the people. One of the relatively older areas slowly transitioning into a new one, the place is a combination of spot traditional homes and glass boxes along with modern style clubs and advanced bars in the same vicinity. An amazing shake-up of culture and age demographic is what the soul of Indiranagar. If you are looking for a combination of good music, foods and drinks in your holiday, the best shot is The Windsor Pub. Apart from this, some of the major bars in the region include The Warehouse, Hoppipola, Three Dots & a Dash, Glocal Junction, Cirrus, Tipsy Bull, Monkey Bar, The Humming Tree, Bottle and Glass, 612East, Puma Social Club and Sherlock's Pub Indiranagar.

3. Bannerghatta

Another relatively untrodden part of Bangalore, Bannerghatta is slowly and steadily climbing up the stairs of being one of the cooler chicks in the region. This relatively new neighbourhoods, though still under construction both architecturally and culturally, hosts one of the widest collection of people with the varied demographics bringing along just the kind of distinction that Bangalore is famous for. Some of the best bars in the region include TGI Friday, Gilly's Resto Bar, Deja Vu Restaurant and Bar, SV Bar and Restaurant, Guru Enterprise, Yellow Submarine Bar and Restaurant, Prassana Bar and Restaurant, BANG, The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore, Amruth Bar and Restaurant and Shankar Bar.

To make your night a success in the city of IT geeks, make sure you hit the right neighbourhoods instead of wasting your time in club-hunting!

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