Top 3 Places to Party in Bali

Top 3 Places to Party in Bali

Top 3 Places to Party in Bali

As the sun sets in Bali, the city’s art museums and temples go to sleep and crazy bars and pubs come to life. Nightlife in Bali is full of madness and resplendent wonder. The main party centric atmosphere is created on the beaches, thereby making the whole debauchery experience all the more intoxicating. People flock from all parts of Bali at night to find their groove and party hard until sun knocks at their door, mentioning that some elite night camps might be a bit expensive but are affordable for a budget traveller.

As is evident, Bali is not a huge island, so the party places are numbered and closely clustered together. It serves as a blessing in disguise and hence, one cannot miss much. The following places are the social hubs for people wanting to party:

1. Kuta

Kuta, a beach area stationed towards the south end of Bali, is extensively renowned for its crazy nightlife and a huge bank balance for clubs and bars. Known for the international DJs and aesthetic dance floors, Kuta fails to disappoint any kind of partier. The Paddy’s pub is popular among the younger section of the crowd for its themed parties and reasonably priced drinks. It hosts an open terrace for people who would want to enjoy a street view and also a lounge for party freaks. Next on the list is the VH Bali popularly known as the Hypnotized Club. Its name makes the bang on impact, as does its ambience as trance music reaches its peak and EDM rocks the freaking dance floor. The cocktails are really smooth with Pan-Asian fusion taking the whole aura to the next level. Everybody knows about the world famous chain of pubs, the Hard Rock Café, characterized by live music and mouth-watering dishes it is the place to be.

2. Seminyak

Seminyak beach is a neighbourhood in Bali for those who like subtle party experiences. This southern Bali beach, although does not have as many party places like Kuta, but tends to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Ku De Ta Bali is a beachside bar with a French inspired setting and extensively famous for being the trendsetter of upscale nightlife amongst the bars in town. The other famous places include the Potato Head Beach Club and La Favela Bar and Restaurant. While the former focuses mainly upon presenting blend of music and art, La Favela is more about presenting a rather vintage themed experience.

3. Legian

Stationed between Kuta and Seminyak, the Legian area is interesting in its own right. Sky Garden Lounge is a revolutionary enterprise giving a rooftop view of the entire isle. The ‘all you can eat’ buffet is challenging for the tummy as dishes like sausages, pasta carbonara and sausages are tough to avoid. Engine Room Bali offers to be a loud hipster disco while Bounty Discotheque is where all the young flock and dance to the beat.

Nightlife in Bali is a mind boggling experience and if one hits the right bar, he/she is ought to stay there until dawn sets in!

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