Top 3 Places to Party in Baku

Top 3 Places to Party in Baku

Top 3 Places to Party in Baku

The Azerbaijan Capital, Baku, is a city wrapped in history and culture. Literally an open museum for its tourists, with numerous historical and modern attractions, Baku is the best place for holiday in Azerbaijan. With an intriguing history in almost every neighborhood, the city doesn't take much time in topping the travel itineraries.

Heading to Baku and looking for a place to enjoy in the late hours is not a big deal, as the city is packed with numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Bring a place of contrasts bright colors and fine winds, Baku is the city where restless night clubbers come together. Nightlife in Baku is not just about clubbing and drinking, but also lets you sit back and relax at the Caspian seashore of the city. With a bunch of numerous other nightlife options apart from club and bars such as theatres and operas, this tourist spot is great for teetotalers as well! Check out the best places to party in Baku:

1. Sayabil district

The Sayabil district lies in the south of the Baku city. The district needs no explanation for its beauty with extravagant buildings and towers as well as infinite works of art. The district is also known for its amazing nightlife as well. This city hosts the largest number of bars and clubs in the city and is perfect for night crawlers. One of the best places in Baku is also one of the newest places here, called Barrel Playground. This open air nightclub is located right next to the coast of the Caspian Sea and has already conquered the hearts of the locals. Known for organizing various events and parties dedicated to the certain genre of music and even beverages, it is an ideal place to take a walk and enjoy the sunset. Another great place this district is the Pacifico. This restaurant and bar is designed in a South American style and is a mixture of trends and styles. Here, they serve dishes from Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The bar is excellent with a huge selection of beverages and of course good music to keep you pumped up! On weekends, the venue usually arranges large events with top celebrities of the music industry. Not at all bad for a party!

2. Icheri Sheher

The old city in Baku is a picturesque district with various historic attractions that hold significance for tourists to Baku. The district serves all foodies and night crawlers out there. One of the really great places in this district is the Terrace Garden and Q bar. The place serves great food and views at the same time. With a great ambiance, this party place in Baku is great for every hard core reveler. Another place in Icheri Sheher is the O Malley’s. One the fewest Irish bars in Baku, O Malley’s is located in the center of the district and is great for expats and locals. People come here to enjoy a great selection of drinks and British food. You can also choose to play a game of pool or maybe watch your favorite football team play on the big screens. Finally, there is this place called the Art club Restaurant, another exciting nightlife spot in Baku. Overall, the district is great if you are a person who loves amazing dining options.

3. Yasamal district

Yasamal district may not be one of the favorite daytime tourist spots in Baku, since this district does not host a lot of attractions. But once the sun goes down, this neighborhood turns into a haven for night crawlers. Lined up by various bars, cafes, nightclubs, and karaoke, one of the many places in Baku is the Secret Pub and Karaoke. The place is good if you are in a mood of singing session. Then there is this place called the Soho Lounge and Bar. This club is highly recommended by the locals and is perfect to catch some drinks and have a great time with your pals. And if you are in a mood to dance and groove all night, then head over to Oxen Nightclub, a great spot in Baku to dance on the banging music tracks. Other than these, there are various options such as 150 Bar and Grill, Solo Karaoke Rt club, Baku Efs pub.

The key to a perfect night out in Baku is to choose what you want and then head to the districts!

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