Top 3 Places to Party in Austin

Top 3 Places to Party in Austin

Top 3 Places to Party in Austin

A gigantic city but a small town kid at heart, Austin is all about live music, outdoor adventures, culinary prowess and a sociable communal spirit! Nightlife in Austin not just survives because of the places its houses, but more due to the energy and diversity of the people it entertains! Whether you want to dance your night off or spend a laid-back evening with your mates, Austin has it all! And if you are not such a fan spending your nights in clubs and bars, just stroll and eat your way through food carts on every corner.

Check out some of these best neighborhoods to party in Austin:

1. Sixth Street

Okay! So in this street, you get to see abundant young blood, Cedar Park residents and tourist who consulted a city guide. Don't try to figure out where are you from, instead enjoy the night. 6th street in downtown is the nucleus of Austin's nightlife. This one is lined with numerous bars and clubs, so many that you couldn't even keep a count of all of them. The best club on 6th street is the Elephant room. Voted Austin's ‘best JazzBar' for seven years in a row, this place features cool Jazz in an intimate setting. Called the epicenter of Austin Jazz, the little spot is great to have a drink and grab a bite. Then somewhere down the street, you spot a place called Firehouse lounge. Entering Fire house Lounge is almost taking a trip to Hogs Mead in Harry Potter, where a large Bookcase slides open to reveal a cozy, sunken lounge, where live music flows through the lounge. Friendly staff, exceptional drinks, and a speakeasy ambiance make you feel like you have discovered one of the city's best gems! Talking about every bar and club In 6th street would a huge mistake, so here are some of the other places to choose from- Midnight cowboy, Easy tiger, the Jack hole, The Gatsby and so on. 6th street in the downtown district is a haven for night owls; you could find numerous places hidden in the dark alleys that may lack paparazzi but are surely worth your time!

2. Rainey Street

Explaining Rainey Street to someone who has not been there would be difficult because they might not believe it's real. This neighborhood in Austin is an adorable street with craftsmen houses and food trucks, craft cocktails, and a cluster of local and non-locals with a single motive- Party all night! The street is home to some of the best places to party in Austin. To start with, Craft Pride features the best of craft beers in Texas and is worth a try. ‘Ask the bar’ serves options from some of the favorite breweries and also amazing ciders if you are looking for something sweeter. Nearby is a place called Halfstep, a tiny bar in a cute little alfresco setting. The live music and fruit Vodka are sure to win your heart. And if you are looking for a fancier place to start your night, head over to the bar at Hotel Van Zandt. Get a cocktail here and hang by the poolside. Experience some mesmerizing views of the city or maybe choose to go for a midnight dip in the pool. You can also choose some more places to head in this street including Javelina, Parlo Room, Lustre Pearl Icenhauer's and many more.

3. East Austin

For a very long time, it was only "6th street" in Austin that gained revelers’ attention, but not anymore! Over the past few years, East Austin has emerged into a new night out spots in the Texas culture. There are various hip spots in this area, one of them being the Kitty Cohen. The place has a rotating restaurant, host live music, amazing cocktails, and a great swimming pool! Now for all those who wish to have a house party away from home, Lustre Pearl East is the place. An original bungalow that has now been converted to one of the hippest places in the town, this place is never too crowded, despite the fact that it is ideal for the dancing types. As you keep on moving along the street, you will keep on discovering more and more spots. Some more choice can be Nickel city, Native Bar and Kitchen, Lazarus brewing company.

Texas is all about living life to the fullest and Austin surely stands up to that anthem!

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