Best Places to Party in Athens

Best Places to Party in Athens

Best Places to Party in Athens

They say the best way to know a place is by indulging in its culture and lifestyle. So after you are done feeding your memory by the beauty, that is Athens, it is time for you to give rein to the enchanting world of colloquial Athenian life. A stroll down the different neighbourhoods in Athens, one can find a plethora of antiquity shops, little parks and a lot more. But where do you go for entertainment?

So here is the list of the top 3 places to party in Athens, that are oozing with energy and beautiful sights enveloped in a spirit of party.

Glyfada, the best place to party in Athens
1. Glyfada

Owing to its proximity to the sea, Glyfada is one of the most swanky for a lively nightlife. This place serves as the focus of the night and successfully flocks people from other neighborhoods to its doorsteps. It has a deluge of clubs, pubs and night bars to choose from. House Project Balux Cafe, Opus Inner Pleasure, Holy Spirit and the list of the names goes on. For the young population, the ares holds the attraction and rush of the water sports to entertain them. From beer to vodka, from peace to excitement, this is the one place to experience it all in one go.

2. Psiri

Carrying a shady image in the past, Psiri today holds the stand as the most fashionable choice for accommodation, entertainment and party. Nightlife in Psiri is vibrant and bohemian along with being a focal point of small friendly bars and hip entertainment. Transiztor is one small warm place with a colorful decor and budget-friendly options. Another on the list is Cantina social, renowned for its Russian beers. Psira, located on the Miaouli street, one of the premier bars in the vicinity is now the best place to party and drink for the youth of the place.

Psiri, the best place to party and enjoy nightlife in Athens, Greece
Plaka, one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Athens, Greece
3. Plaka

Bringing the concept of sleeplessness on travellers bucket list, Plaka boasts well-maintained neoclassical architecture and great nightlife options right in the city centre. Euphemized as the Neighbourhoods of the Gods, this precinct in Athens serves as the epicenter of a variety of small bars and wine houses. Retro atmosphere topped with jazz and Latin music is served in places like Kimolia art cafe on Yperidou, providing the illusion of the city that never sleeps on the platter. If seeking a more hip night is to be experienced, you can check out the Hard Rock in Filellinon street, defining a different party culture altogether. However, if you desire a quieter place to sit and sip a crisp glass ofwine, Oinoscent on Voulis street is the place for you.

This ancient and monumental image of Athens has somewhat overshadowed its other goodies. So don’t worry about debauchery and booze; Athens is as much faddish as old-school!