Top 3 Places to Party in Antwerp

Top 3 Places to Party in Antwerp

Top 3 Places to Party in Antwerp

Antwerp city is a perfect mix of history, fashion and food. This city in Belgium sure knows how to lure zillions of people from far and wide.

Being a young and vibrant city with a student population of 1500, nightlife in Antwerp remains lively till wee hours in the morning. A beer lover's destination that it is, the side street bars, clubs and the avenues are always crowded with youths and university students. Once the sun goes down, it’s all about dancing, drinking, making merry being the main motive of most of the nightspots of the city. Best places to party in Antwerp are:

1. Het Zuid

Het Zuid is an ultra-hip neighborhood located in the south of Antwerp. Thriving today as a center of culture and art, its streets are lined with a mix of museums, galleries, and cafes. This is also the area where all the hot new bars are cropping up, hence a must go for night crawlers. One of the most popular bars in this district is the Café Baron, drawing you in its warmth, welcoming atmosphere and impeccable soundtracks. There is plenty of room indoors and on the outdoor terrace as well. One thing that attracts a big crowd is for its pricing and the prime location on the Mrnixplaats. There are many cocktail bars in Antwerp but Bar Bounce offers a subtle atmosphere that sets it apart. The music and ambiance of the bar add to the refined interior and is a great place to catch up with a friend while sampling some lovely cocktails. It's a bit pricey but is sure of worth. Another place is the Jones and Co, which is a cozy little bar and is known for its amiable atmosphere. Their menu features classics like whiskey sours, G & Ts and martinis, along with some sweet experiments. The place is great if you to enjoy a little work of art in a cocktail glass. The district Het Zuid is the place if you want to dive right in Antwerp's nightlife.

2. Het Eilendje

Het Eilendje is one of the oldest parts of the city Antwerp and is also the former harbor area of Antwerp. Playing home to some of the very important attractions of the city, the district wholeheartedly breathes water and exudes charm. But one of the reasons why this district is loved is because of its nightlife. If you prefer a laid-back yet vibrant night out in Antwerp, Het Eilendje is not to be missed. One of the places is the Felix Pakhuis, an old warehouse turned into an amazing restaurant. The place has multiple restaurants, food festivals and a terrace with a view of the MAS, not bad to kick-start your night! You can also choose to have a barbeque with a view of river Scheldt at Kattendijksluis. Ailendje neighborhood is one of the places where aquatic pulse beats loud and proud, so why not spend some time with the waterfront, while grabbing on some burgers. And if you want to dance the night away, you can head over to a place called The Villa, which is great if you are with a group of people and want to spend your night dancing to the loud and banging soundtracks. Another place is the Nox, which is a very popular one in the district and is well worth to try out. All in all, in Het Eilendje, there are plenty of palaces to grab a drink or just to dance your night away, just look for one and drop in.

3. Zurenborg

The Zurenborg Avenue is lined with extravagant villas and architectural marvels, but that's not what captures the heart of night crawlers. Hearts of the locals lie in its amazing restaurants, bars, and cafes. One of the many places is the Sky Bar, which sits atop the Linder hotel, close to central train station. With a great view and great food, the place is one of the best in the district. Another night out spot in Antwerp is the Little Brewers Winter Garden. This place has a lively atmosphere and serves some of the most delicious drinks. It's a bit pricey, but quite its worth. Other than these, there are more places to choose from in this district such as Bar Leon, Fabrik, Bier Central, Moeskop and so on.

Every area in Antwerp is a party area if you choose to choose the right place at the right time!

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