Top 3 Places to Party in Antalya

Top 3 Places to Party in Antalya

Top 3 Places to Party in Antalya

The classic beauty and stylish modernity of this Turkish jewel is no more a mere gateway to the Turkish Riviera. Antalya, a splendid old city that circumscribes a Roman-era harbour and bird’s eye vistas of the hazy mountain silhouettes is definitely worth raising a toast to! Featuring some atmospheric historic sites and grandiose ruins of the then times, Antalya is equal parts authentic and revelling. Hit the white sand beached of the city and you will be welcomed by the warm sea breezes of the ocean. Talk about the labyrinthine old neighbourhood of Kaleici, the bustling Old Harbour or the area housing the city’s most distinctive landmark- Yivli Minare, there is enough room to keep your vacay busy and interesting.

So, after spending your day unravelling the gems of the city, just take an hour’s rest to look as fresh as a flower, as you head out too rock the night! Featuring the most wallowing nightlife in Turkey, Antalya hosts infinite insane party ideas in these top 3 places to party:

1. Marina

An excellent location to gauge at the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains melting in the turquoise waters, Marina is the place most ideal for people watching and sunsets. Stroll through the cobbled lanes as you haggle in the area’s many market stalls. And once you have had enough of sun and breeze in the daytime, hit the infinite number of night out spots this neighbourhood in Antalya has to offer. The surroundings of the pristine waters house a wide variety of discotheques, bars and pubs playing everything from techno to rock, to hip hop and trance. The one topping the charts is Club Arma, also known as Club 29. City’s most exclusive and widely frequented place to eat, drink and dance, Club Arma renders fantastic vistas of the Old Town and Mediterranean at the same time. The place also serves as a pleasant eating spot in the daytime. Then there is D’Jack Dance Bar, a cozy dance house overlooking the sea.

2. Kaleici

A multifaceted part of Antalya that serves exemplary medieval architecture in the daylight and turns into a gigantic dance floor as the sun goes down, Kaleici can take up any avatar you want it to! As you tour the area in the day, enter the paths leading from the Clock Tower into the ancient walls of Hadrian’s Gate. You may lose track, could even forget your way back. But don’t worry pal! The people are way too friendly to let you panic. Many boutique hotels with a central courtyard are flourished in the once private homes of the Ottoman empire. Besides, the area is ideal for people watching, as most students from the Antalya University spend their evenings here, sipping coffee or maybe alcohol in the late hours. For the dancing types, there is Club Ally, located on the ancient walls of the Yacht Harbour. The place is as loved by travels as the city locals.

3. Kemer

A little on the outskirts of Antalya, this significant tourism centre of the city houses many holiday villages and a buzzing marina. The natural beauty of this region boasts a bunch of parks and orange tree orchards. After the sun sets, the locals and tourists are seen frequenting the traditional Turkish taverns for a drink or two, after which they head on to the countless bars and clubs. Inferno, an aptly trendy nightclub in Kemer, hosts hordes of revellers every night. Then they have Aura, the best disco of the city that pulls in many international DJ gigs over the weekends. For extreme debauchery and recreation, there is Klub Kristall, a gorgeous Russian nightclub boasting a large dancing area, stunning lights and HD audios. If you seek a sophisticated show night, try Moonlight Burlesque. Other popular spots include Redroom Club and Rai Club.

Antalya tops the charts of versatile wanderlusts who prefer an all-inclusive vacation. So before the place gets too commercialised, get your flights booked!

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