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Best Places To Party In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightlife

For a small city, nightlife in Amsterdam is way too bouncy after dark. Traditional Ale Houses, Hip little bars to extremely avant-garde clubs- this beautiful and outrageously popular canal capital of Netherlands is all about nightlife. Number of backpackers, students and bacchanal weekenders flock in large groups to indulge in the most insane nights of their life. Besides its infamous reputation for drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam has a lot for the laid back partier as well, who don’t wish to be infringed by such extensive indulgence. So check out these top 3 places for best nightlife in Amsterdam:

Leidseplein one of the best places to party in Amsterdam
1. Leidseplein

This popular nightclub district in Amsterdam stands close to the Museum Quarter, the ones housing Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Stadsschouwburg, the City Theatre, rests in Leidseplein, besides several other theatres, cafes, restaurants and Casinos. The Lido theatre, packed with live entertainment and cultural shows also lies in this locality. Amsterdam’s most insane nightclubs like Paradiso, Melkweg and Sugar Factory also lie in this locality, known for the varied music shows that change as the evening goes. If you are a fan of big bands and versatile in music tastes like rock, pop, rap, dance, etc., then Leidseplein is just the place for you.

2. Rembrandtplein

To the north of City Centre, this neighborhood is a 10 minute walk from the infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam. Dressed-up crowds flock to the upscale bars and restaurants resting in this area. On good weather days, the whole area takes on a party atmosphere with plenty of al fresco dining going on anywhere you see. Just off the main square is a long street catering to the LGBT community. Nes is a significant small street that draws a lot of theatre aficionados. A blue lights guides you up a flamboyant staircase at De Kroon, aa popular bar right out of Miami Vice. Then there is Pata Negra, Coco’s Outback to name a few of the bars to experience the best nightlife in Amsterdam.

Experience the best nightlife in Amsterdam, visit Rembrandtplein
Jordaan, a nightlife district in Amsterdam packed with bustling crowds and canals
3. Jordaan

To the west of the Center beyond the major canals lies Jordaan, a nightlife district in Amsterdam packed with bustling crowds and canals. Tourists, young entrepreneur, artists, students and professionals come in numbers to explore the upmarket boutiques, restaurants and bars in this outrageously popular Dutch neighborhood in Amsterdam. Café de Tuin is a mellow and relaxed Brown Bar, always packed to capacity with young hearts. De Twee Zwaantjes is another classic bar hosting weekenders just adjacent to the picturesque canal on Prinsengracht Street.

Nightclubs in Amsterdam come to life around midnight and stay up till 6 in the morning. Remember to visit these top areas before you pass by it all in a hazy fug!

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