Best Places to Party in Alexandria

Best Places to Party in Alexandria

Best Places To Party in Alexandria

Alexandria- a living land of legends may not be as applauded a metropolis as it used to be, but there is still a lot to see and do. Once a home to Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra, this second capital of Egypt is now a Mediterranean commercial hub. Like most travelers say, Alexandria is more to feel than see. Meandering the harbor sea and retiring in one of the old-world cafes is up the charts for most locals and tourists. Locating a good dance club or booze place can be tricky in this city. Nightlife in Alexandria revolves mostly around sheesha, coffeehouses and pep talk. So enroll quiet self in the top 3 places to party in Alexandria for an offbeat nocturnal fun:

1. Downtown

Right behind the Eastern harbor of Alexandria sits the Downtown, a bustling neighborhood stationed close to the airport. This area offers a distinctly parallel perception of the city, as against its usual overcrowded and ill-managed character. Most of the tourist attractions lay close to this district in Alexandria, practically at a stone’s throw distance. The whole urbane and commercial vibe of this area offers many options to stay up late night. With the downfall of many historic and grand restaurants to give way to the contempo and westernized eateries and night spots, Downtown has grown insanely popular among travelers and locals alike.

2. Agami

Popular as the Egyptian St. Tropez, Agami hosts hordes of travelers seeking formal meals and classy diners. This thriving coastal area has umpteen restaurants and authentic ahwas (coffeehouses) to party Alexandrian style. In the Biancchi area here, Christina offers exquisite Mediterranean style cuisines. On the main Agami Road, Seagull, an imitation fortress is another sought-after restro.

3. Anfushi

This neighborhood in Alexandria is hard to beat when it comes to being a night hawk. The city’s best eats are located here in the Baladi area and along the Sharia Safar Pasha. On the Qasr Ras at-Tin road, Qadoura serves impeccable seafood like clams with spaghetti, crab stew and crayfish. If you are up till wee hours, take a stroll along the very popular Anfushi Fish Market instead of heading back to your base.

If your party appetite is still unsettled, take a nice, long walk down the Corniche, a gorgeous Cliffside promenade with excellent vistas of the port. Dress up well, but don’t go overboard with skin show. While most cafes and late night promenades in Alexandria are mostly males-only, women can look for a more laid-back nightout when staying in Alexandria.

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