Top 3 Places to Party in Adelaide, South Australia

Top 3 Places to Party in Adelaide, South Australia

Top 3 Places to Party in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, the South Australian jewel, boats rich culture and history. Multicultural flavors infuse not only in its food, but also lifestyle and population in general! With plenty of attractions to draw people in for far and wide, Adelaide has been winning hearts for decades now! An afternoon would be amazing in Adelaide, but a night would be all the more splendid! With a very vibrant bar scene, Adelaide’s nightlife is one of a kind. From karaoke bars to wine tasting cellars, the city will entice you into its nights! So check out the best areas to party in Adelaide:

1. East End

Adelaide's East end is where you find some of the best bars and clubs of the city. NOLA, a festival of New Orleans Soul Food and Louisiana style cocktails, regularly flips their menu featuring Creon and Cajun classics. The place is great for all the foodies out there. And for beer enthusiasts, there's a great place called the Belgian Beer Café. Step inside and you will find a classic euro Bar scene that is great with fitted out antique wooden structures, the bar also has an alfresco seating with a sprawling beer garden. The place Belgian Beer Cafe doesn't get any better. Another bar in The East End is the North Terraces Botanic Bar, offering drinkers and diners and a lush hangout with elegant wood furnishings and noteworthy oil paintings, serving creative cocktails and snacks till late into the night. The bar is a trusted favorite of Adelaide’s local bar hoppers and caters to every kind of clientele, from cocktail addicts to cheerful work knock-off ones. Now if you wish to enjoy a sophisticated bar seating, head over to this place called Mother Vine. The chic vibe and the quality of South-Australian wine will make you love this place! Towards the East End of Adelaide, there are also many more options including the Howling Owl, The East End Cellars, Mr. Goodbar, and many more. There are several pubs to choose from as well such as the Austral, The Elephant.

2. Chinatown

If you are in Chinatown in Adelaide in the late hours, then there's no other option than a happy hour in Chinatown. Whether you are looking for killer cocktails or a comfy lounge bar, Chinatown has it all. If you are in a mood for upscale surrounding, this place called Apothecary is the perfect one. This bar in Adelaide has a relaxed yet refined ambiance, but what steals the show is its collection of wine and spirits, something beyond exceptional. In fact, not much needs to be said about the spectacular wine collection, as the bar has won the Award of Excellence for their wine list in 2015. If Karaoke is all you want to do, then head over to Bacchus Karaoke Bar. You can perform in the middle of the audience or just enjoy with your group in any of the private rooms of the bar. Bacchus also has a huge drink variety, from beers, spirits to a jug of your own mix. They even have a menu of Korean liquors. Another place in the district is the Loft Wine Bar that offers a classy and comfy atmosphere with stylish décor. The bar also has an outdoor balcony if you like to enjoy your drinks outside. And in addition to a great wine list, they have an impressive liquor cabinet too. Be it karaoke or just drinking, Chinatown district has to be on your going out list if you are here to enjoy Adelaide's nightlife!

3. Semaphore beach

Semaphore beach is long, wide and bordered by sand dunes. The region in Adelaide is so beautiful that you can’t seem to go wrong with it at any time of the day. And at night, there's nothing better than a stroll on the beach and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. Now if you are in for a bite or a drink, head to the Semaphore road and choose one of the many cafes and restaurants such as Brew café, the Fed on Semaphore, Corner Stone, Sara's Sister Café and many more. Parallel to this, if you are here in the month of January, then you can witness many festivals that take place on the beach such as the Adelaide International Kite festival, Semaphore Street Fair and etc.

From soft sand beaches to hard drinking bars, you will find everything in Adelaide’s nightlife!

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