Top 3 Places to Party in Aarhus

Top 3 Places to Party in Aarhus

Top 3 Places to Party in Aarhus

Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus is a work of art in its own right. Apart from its awe-striking attractions, the city is also known for its buzzing and hip nightlife. The city boasts a large student population means there is always a party going on in this city. You will find numerous nightspots, everything from cozy bars to extravagant waterside bars and hop spots. Catch a bottle of beer or dance off any of the fancy clubs in the city. Arhus' nightlife is not just about bars and clubs but also about various streets festivals as well.

So to get a closer look at the amazing nightlife in Aarhus, check out aome of the best places to party in Aarhus:

1. Aboulevarden

Aboulevarden is in the heart of the city Aarhus and is filled with a charming nightlife offering great options. Due to its wonderful location, the district has a quite exemplary night scene in Aarhus. One of the many venues is the Cross Café and Restaurant. The spot is idyllically located right on the Aarhus River which serves quite a view! The place has been open since 1998 and has been serving Danish and international beers here along with a wide range of colorful and refreshing cocktails. On Saturday nights, they also host live DJs that take the spectators to another level. Another place is a very popular one in the city known as LouLou, which is a cocktail bar and nightclub. The décor here is unique with fashionable lounges at different levels. The cocktail menu here is varied and bartenders help you find your favorite cocktails. The exciting dance floor leaves nothing for a fun night out in LouLou’s. And if you want to take a break from crazy parties of Aarhus, then head over this place called Lava. The place is located in the heart of the city. You can simply enjoy champagne or wine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The venue exudes affluence and is a pretty sophisticated spot. From laid back bars to hip nightspot, Aboulevarden is one of the best party spots in Aarhus.

2. Frederiksberg

The area Frederiksberg is known as the ladder of Aarhus for its high-end restaurants, bars and takeaway shops. The area has a great atmosphere, bars and stylish cafes can be found in any corner of this area. Sherlock Holmes Pub is one of the very popular night-out spots of the city. Customers can have fun here until the sun rises. On Mondays, the popular English Pub Quiz is held on Mondays and live music is hosted by local and international musicians from Tuesday to Sunday. There is a wide range of alcoholic options to choose from, and there are sports games hosted too. Another night out spot in this district is the Waxies, a three story Irish Bar that is a perfect venue to have a party or just to hang out with your pals in Aarhus. Live Music is held regularly in here on a small stage on the first floor, also there are many jam and karaoke sessions held here as well. The ambiance is spacious, colorful will designed red furnishings which create a lively and vibrant atmosphere to enjoy a pint or two. Another place is St. Pauls Apothek cocktail bar which is known for creating international class cocktails. The drinks menu offers 30 cocktails with inspiration from abroad.

3. Vestergade

The street Vestergade stretches between the city center and Vesterbro and couldn't be left by a party crawler to explore. Along the street in this area, you will find all kind of cafes, restaurants, studios and much more. Every year during the spring season, the Vestergadefesten street festival takes place, wherein the street remains up n running from morning to the night. The festival is a must attend for the visitors. If you are a café person, you can head over this place called Café Come in. The venue boasts an array of alcoholic beverages as well as in alcoholic options. A major highlight of this place is its Hookas, oriental tobacco pipes, which are placed on the walls and are also available for smoking. The place is great for talking and having a great time with your pals. Some more options to choose from include Vesterlauget, Hos Anton, and Patos Piano Bar.

The City of Aarhus has a nightlife that can be admired for its hip and laid back atmosphere as well.

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