Best Day trips from Zurich

Best Day Trips from Zurich

Best Day trips from Zurich

Considered as one of the most liveable city in the world, Zürich is a culturally vibrant place. Placed on the confluence point of a river and lake, the place is one of the ideal cities with the perfect formula of nature and urbanisation going hand in hand. Initially known as a savvy, hardworking financial centre, the present day witnesses Zürich as Switzerland’s largest and wealthiest metropolis in addition to being the hippest destination in Europe. With the winding lanes and tall church steeples, the historical wealth of the place is also intact. With an excellent transportation system, the city makes an exemplary base for exploring the surrounding region. So here is the rundown of the best day trips and excursions from Zurich:

1. Basel

Counted as one of the most beautiful towns in the French region, Basel should definitely be a part of you day out bucket list around Zurich. A pleasant day trip from Zurich to Basel will make you fall further in love with this country. One walk down the Old town will present you with its shuttered and half timbered buildings, ornate with endless stories of time kept a secret in its broken lips. Along with this, there are a large number of cafes and restaurants you can try in the region serving authentic French cuisine. The most comfortable and time efficient mode of transport is the train taking about an hour. Another option you can choose is the car taking the same road time.

2. Bern

A visit to Switzerland stands incomplete without exploring its capital. With the population of less than 500,000, head out on a day trip from Zurich to Bern. The Old Town located right in the heart of the city is frozen in time, complete with the trademark cobbled streets, colourful fountains, pretty arcades and red-roofed buildings. One of the major attractions in the place is the House of Albert Einstein. The most efficient day trip can be planned with the rails taking a meagre 1 hour to cover the distance. Other viable options include buses taking an hour and a half, and cars taking a little less than that.

3. Appenzell

One of the hidden gems of Switzerland, Appenzell is one of the idyllic areas worthy of a day's visit. A town living back in time, it is a sneak peek into the beautiful civil life before the intervention of metropolis. A walk down the streets will present you with brightly coloured buildings, adorned with frescoes and wrought iron signs. Along with this, you will also witness lush green fields and rolling hills earning it the title of the perfect Swiss beauty. The more time efficient journey can be covered in a car taking 1h 15mins. Another viable option includes the train taking 2 hours for the same distance.

4. Schaffhausen

Schaffhausen is counted as one of the best preserved cities from the middle ages. With the old town in the heart of the place, the place is brimming with buildings with oriel windows and beautiful frescoes, providing a deep needed respite from the concrete architecture. One of the major attractions in the place includes the thundering Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Both taking the same average travel time, the two options for the journey from Zurich to Schaffhausen include train and cars reaching Schaffhausen in 40-45mins.

5. Liechtenstein

A bucket-list destination for travelers, Liechtenstein is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Ruled by a constitutional monarchy, the sixth-smallest country in Europe is really big on the natural attractions. A trip from Zurich to Liechtenstein will make you come across bewitching surroundings and beautiful churches making the visit worth traveling. There are 3 modes of transport with the train taking 1h 20mins, bus taking 2h 45mins and cars taking 1h 15mins.

5. Lucerne

The idyllic Swiss town, Lucerne is one of the premier day trip destinations from Zurich. Replete with its cobblestone streets, 14-century city walls and medieval Old Town quarter, this destination has a frozen-in-time aspect that never fails to enchant visitors. Surrounded by mountains, it is the favourite destination of hikers and adventure junkies. The most comfortable journey from Zurich to Lucerne can be observed in the train taking 45mins. Other options include cars taking about half an hour and shuttles again taking 45mins.

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