Best Day trips from Zagreb

Best Day Trips from Zagreb

Best Day trips from Zagreb

Zagreb is a true capital to the culturally magnificent Croatia. Be it perpetually houseful coffee houses, eye-popping architecture, brilliant museums or a heap of gastronomy to explore, Zagreb aces in each of the prospects. Architecturally speaking, this city is a mixture of Austro- Hungarian and straight edge socialist structures. It has steadily risen to one of the most visited places during the last decade. The kind of the city that is meant to live outdoors, Zagreb is happening all-year round! It has the famous Night of Museums, which means that socio-cultural events are up and running with all the cultural centres of the city are open till mid-night! The city has lakeside discos, for crying out loud. What more do you want from a city? During spring, people here love to have a day out to Lake Jarun for swimming or sailing while winters are dominated by the passion of skiing among the locals at Mt Medvednica. Then again, it packs exceptional opportunities for a lifetime of solace, enjoyment and cultural interactions inside the walls and around the periphery. To make the most of your Croatian vacation, take a day trip from Zagreb to any of these beautiful cities and towns.

1. Ljubljana

Europe’s greenest and most liveable capital, this Slovenian jewel is ornate with the emerald green Ljubljana River. Get a postcard click at the Triple Bridge and visit the legendary Tivoli Gardens as you unravel the city. For culture and art lovers who consider culinary delights as the main pull factor of any city love this student capital, also eulogized as Mini Brussels. In summers, the strictly pedestrianized city centre turns into a nightly street fun with outdoor cafes displaying a perky charm. Take a walk along the gorgeous Riverfront if you happen to fetch a few hours after dusk. Take a trip from Zagreb to Ljubljana which is 140 km away. Car rides provide the fastest option, getting you there within 2 hours. Bus and train rides take approximately 2h 30 minutes to get you there.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park

The largest and most frequented park in all of Croatia, Plitvice lakes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Home to a large number of autochthonous species even today, this region hosts 16 crystalline lakes intertwined amongst each other via a series of cascades and waterfalls. The mineral-rich waters are forbidden to be bathed in, but there mere site is enough to rekindle your love for nature. 18 km wooden footbridges snake their way through these water bodies, rendering you a detailed insight into the geography of this National Park. It takes about 2 hours to cover the 130 km distance to from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes by car. Alternatively, buses take about 2 and half hours to reach.

3. Lake Bled

The biggest asset of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is sure to be a part of all your bucket lists, thanks to that small church on an islet right in the middle of the lake. Slovenia’s most popular resort town, Lake Bled lures everyone from cosy honeymooners to thrill-seeking backpackers. Try water sports, hiking, biking and canyoning possibilities when here. If planning a visit in mid-summers, prep yourself for an encounter with droves of tourists flooding the area and making everything pricey. You can opt for a bus ride from Zagreb to Bled and reach in 3 hours 15 minutes. Or you can choose the most convenient option of a car ride and reach in merely 2 hours 15 minutes. There are no direct trains to Bled though.

4. Graz

The Austrian city of Graz is a vastly frequented one for day trips from Zagreb. Spend your day in Graz, an abundantly versatile city centre that boasts of over 1,000 buildings of styles varying from Gothic to contemporary. The town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Schlossberg Hill, located right in the heart of the city, is the main attraction here. It houses a castle and a Clock Tower that renders excellent panoramic vistas of the entire city. To reach from Zagreb to Graz, the best option is renting a car or a taxi. You will cover the 185 km distance in barely 2 and half hours that way. There are no direct trains to the city; only via Slovenia.

5. Rijeka

The third largest city in Croatia, Rijeka bears a geographically significant position and is the main seaport of the country. With such prominence, it was a hot favourite among kings and monarchs. Its main street Korzo located inside the Old Town is where all the major events of the city are hosted. Visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus and make sure to plan a visit around its Carnival Festival. At a distance of 166 km from Zagreb, Rijeka can be reached via a car ride in about 2 hours. Trains and buses take more than 3 hours to get you there, but are cost effective.

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