Best Day Trips from Washington D.C.

Best Day Trips from Washington D.C.

Best Day Trips from Washington D.C.

To explore the peripheries, here is a list of the best day trips you can plan from Washington D.C:

1. Richmond

Pressing the snooze button since 1780s, Richmond seems to have just woken up from a long nap. This old fashioned city is still clinging on tight to its Southern roots, shaken slightly in recent times due to the influx of new creative young residents. Complete with full of red-brick row houses, stately drives and leafy parks, Richmond is an undeniably handsome town for spending the day. Known as the 'River City' it is today the centre of buzzing food and drinking scene Providing the most comfortable journey, the trains running between the two places take 2h 45mins of total travel time. Other options for the commutation is the buses taking a little over 2 hours and cars taking 1h 45min.

2. Baltimore

Known as 'Bawlmer' locally, Baltimore is one of the most important port towns in America. Though originally a defiant, working class city anchored by its nautical past, the present witnesses this city as an up-to-the-minute entrepreneurial venture impressing the tourists and locals alike. Featuring abundant boutique hotels and edgy exhibits at world-class museums as well as forgotten neighbourhoods, this city has it all! Along with this, old-charm Baltimore has its roots intact, thus luring the travellers with its authentic audacity. The most time efficient options are to drive the way in 1h 45mins. Other options include buses taking about 2 hours and the trains taking 2h 45mins.

3. Winchester

One of the most mellow and quaint towns in the list, Winchester still hears his past echoing strongly around the flint-flecked walls of its ancient cathedral. The capital of Saxon kings and a power base of bishops, the place today is full of statues and sights evoking two of England's mightiest myth-makers. One of the most exquisite architecture in the vicinity, thanks to the handsome Elizabethan and Regency buildings located in the narrow streets in the proximity with a river valley with charming waterside trails to explore. The most comfortable journey between the two cities can be taken through a train taking 2 hours. A more time-efficient option is to take the car taking an hour and a half of road time.

4. Charlottesville

Looked down upon by the Blue Ridge Mountains (pun intended), Charlottesville is considered to be the best places to live in a country. Brimming with UVA grounds and a pedestrian downtown mall area, the place is overflowing with people including students, couples, professors and occasional celebrities. From blue skies to the beautifully tiled footpaths, this place is one of the best in terms of the civil life. One of the most prominent features of Charlottesville is its open air festivals. Along with this, a visit to the area will provide you with some of the most beautiful roadside cafes, giving the best countryside feel anyone can expect to have in the States. One of the most time efficient and comfortable journeys can be taken through the trains taking you 2h 15mins. Other options in the list include buses taking 3h 30mins and cars taking 2 and a half hours.

5. Atlantic City

Widely popular as the "Las Vegas of the East", Atlantic City boasts a large collection of restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues, the epicentre of which is the Broad-walk; a five-and-a-half-mile long, 60-foot-wide seafront promenade. After starting off as a quiet fishing village, Atlantic City blossomed into a famous tourist centre in the late 1800s. Today known as a famous centre for outdoor activities, it attracts the adrenaline junkies from all around the globe for surfing, swimming, and sailing. The trains between the two cities take a travel time of a little over 4 hours. The other options for the commutation include buses taking 4h 15mins and cars taking 3 and a half hours.

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