Best Day trips from Warsaw

Best Day Trips from Warsaw

Best Day trips from Warsaw

Holding a difference from the rest of the surrounding Poland, Warsaw is one of the most unique cities in the world. Instead of being built around an old market square, the entire capital is spread across a broad area with diverse architecture and restored Gothic, communist concrete along with modern glass and steel. Carrying a destructive past, there is a fascinating collection of neighbourhoods and landmarks, all intermixed with each other giving you a flavour of a different sort with every step you take. Along with this, the place will also provide you the opportunity for your culinary needs keeping it light on your wallet. Along with the bewildering past, for the complete Poland experience here are the best day trips from Warsaw:

1. Kraków

Aptly considered a diamond in the rough, Kraków is a place with a mythical atmosphere rushing through veins. According to the fables, the city was founded on the defeat of a dragon, which convincingly permeates through its attractive streets and squares. The old town is brimming with some of the most impressive churches and museums along with Rynek Główny, the largest market square in Europe. Besides the culturally beautiful sites, there is a wide array of restaurants bars and clubs you will enjoy. Aside from the history and nightlife, try a simple stroll through the Old Town and you will be awed by the harmony of the quiet back street, the humble nature of the architecture and the light. This harmonious blend of past and present is one that shouldn't be missed. Located at almost 300 kms distance from Warsaw, the best option to travel is the train, taking a total rail time of 2h 30mins. Other options include bus 4h 45min and driving the way taking a little less than 4 hours.

2. Gdańsk

Another one of the unique towns in Poland, Gdańsk blessed with centuries of maritime ebb, is full of distinctively un-Polish architecture. Take a stroll down the narrow, cobbled streets of the Main Town to get lost in the wonder of monstrous red-bricked churches scattered along its historical thoroughfares bordered with slender, elegantly slender buildings. Along with this there a profusion of cheerful characterful cafes, amber shops and intriguing museums. Located at a distance of 415kms from Warsaw, the favourite mode of transport is the train taking 3 hours of rail while. Other options include cabs taking up to 5 hours and driving the way taking you 3h 45mins.

3. Lublin

A hotbed of culture, Lublin is the largest city in the south-eastern part of Poland. Thriving with cultural and academic scene, it is generally not considered a looker due to the ravage it faced during World War 2 and the forced industrialisation. However the historic core of the city, the Rynek is on a slow path of being gentrified complete with trendy clubs, cafes and restaurants providing a new lustre to the centre of the city. It is a place where you will find the remnant of Poland’s Jewish past, making it a special interest for the historians. Located at a distance of 176kms, the fastest and the most comfortable travel can be done on the rails taking 2h 30mins. Other options include bus taking 3 hours and cars taking 2h 15min.

4. Toruń

After seeing the hen crowds in Kraków and the concrete jungle of Warsaw, Toruń will be a pleasant sight to your eyes. Circumscribed with magnanimous walls, this Gothic town located near Vistuala shouldn't be missed. Having a well defined wealth of red-brick buildings, UNESCO-listed sites and medieval city defences, which were mercifully ignored by the world war. Take a walk down the streets to witness the life before the wars in the most real sense possible. Located at distance of 267kms, the train is the best option taking a meagre time of 2h 45mins of travel time. Other options include buses taking 4 hours and cars taking 3 and a half hours.