Best Day trips from Venice

Best Day Trips from Venice

Best Day trips from Venice

Venice, the most impromptu choice for anyone seeking a nice, romantic honeymoon destination, is unarguably the most visited city of Europe. Age-old bridges, canals, musical gondolas and infinite love- this floating city is undoubtedly a personified fairytale! Millions of tourists stroll through the St. Mark’s Square while unwinding the history of the Doge’s Palace, the Cathedral and the fantastic Clock Tower. Surprisingly, Venice offers equally fascinating day trips to the neighboring Italian cities. From the Dolomite Mountains to the city of Verona, there is so much to see that you would always fall short of time on your vacay. So to make the most of your sojourn, mark these best day trips and excursions from Venice on your bucket list:

1. Murano, Burano, Torcello

Vibrant and offbeat islands rule the Venetian Lagoon, offering the most easily accessible day trips from Venice. The closest one is Murano, famous for centuries for its fine glass making. The whole aura of this atoll is so decadent; you wouldn’t feel like leaving! Next comes Burano, an island known for its colorful houses and the epic Lace Museum. Sip in a nice coffee at one of the many cafes lining up the waterfront here. In the end, head up to the largely uninhabited but beautifully maintained Nature Resserve of Torcello. Murano is just a 10 minute Vaporetto away from Venice. From there, Burano takes another 35 on Vaporetto. Lastly, reach Torcello in 10 minutes tops in the same water bus.

2. Verona

An incredibly preserved ancient city of Europe, Verona is the best place for a day trip around Venice. Its historical center features a wonderfully maintained Roman arena, where the famous Verona Film festival takes place every summer. Then there are abundant Romanesque churches boasting excellent interiors and architecture. Verona owes its fame to the epic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare, with Juliet’s House being a top tourist spot in the city. Take up a Wine tour in the neighboring Valpolicella region if you have time; it is right up to Verona’s north. A train ride between Venice and Verona takes a little over an hour. Then there are bus and taxi services, taking more or less the same time.

3. Padova

This walled city east of Venice houses Europe’s oldest Botanical Gardens and Basilica di Sant’Antonio. Its 12th century City Hall building and a picturesque historical center draw hordes of tourists and historians every year. But the major crowd pull in this town is the legendary Scrovegni Chapel, featuring frescoes of Mary Virgin’s life created by Giotto back in the 14th century. Other than that, fascist era facades and a Boho student population, Padova can challenge both Verona and Venice with its regional hegemony. A 25-30 minutes train ride would get you from Venice to Padova. Self drive and car rental are other 24/7 options.

4. Vicenza

Before this modern city came into existence, the lands of Vicenza were owned by an ancient Roman city, which later on got refurbished into a fabulous tourist spot in the 16th century. UNESCO calls it the ‘City of Palladio’, thanks to such amazing concentration of buildings and monuments. Visit La Rotonda, just outside of the city center, to gawk at the impeccable architecture. You can reach Vicenza in a 45 minute train ride from Venice. A bus journey would take about an hour, as would a self-driven car or a rental taxi.

5. Dolomite Mountains

In the northern region of Italy rest the Eastern Alps, known as the Dolomites. A day trip across this gorgeous countryside and the nestled villages lets you indulge in pure tranquility after a busy holiday in Venice. Begin with the Lake of Misurina, a beauty of the rarest kind. Next comes Cortina, the capital of the Dolomite Mountains and a world famous summer and winter sports destination. In the end, give your day a final ending as you drive up the Passo Giau, a summit offering excellent bird’s eye vistas from atop. To explore this side of Europe, you need to start your day early. A 3.5-4 hour bus or train ride would get you to the mountains. But self-driven cars can reach in about 2 hours!

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