Best Day Trips from Valencia

Best Day Trips from Valencia

Best Day Trips from Valencia

Bold Developments and a thriving cultural scene give Valencia the most striking architecture in all of Spain! With all the dynamic museums, relaxing restaurant scenes, great shopping piazzas, lively nightlife and miles of beaches, Valencia is bursting with Mediterranean exuberance! There are a lot of things to see in Valencia- from cutting edge spires to brilliant museums; just wander around the city, the old town and you’ll come across central market’s countless cafes and little shops. And the best part is that you don’t have to stick to the rigid plan to explore the city of Valencia; just wander around and you’ll come across many delightful attractions that need to be seen. Make sure to visit popular tourist spots in Valencia like the City of Arts and Science, Turia Gardens, Central Markets and the likes.

But did you know that this side of Spain has a lot more to explore other than this science city? And the best part is that all these lovely day trips from Valencia are barely an hour drive away from the centre of the city. So don’t miss the opportunity to know the city and its surroundings better. These best day trips around Valencia are listed below:

1. L’Albufera National Park

This is the zone with the L’Albufera Lake, the Dehesa Woods, the coastal villages, El Perello and El Saler. This area has a very different charm and is a place of residence for the local fishermen. L’Albufera serves as a perfect day trip to relax and maybe enjoy a boat ride, have a picnic on Dehesa Woods and swim in the beach. For gluttons, it’s absolute heaven, thanks to the local delicacies and amazing hospitality. This perfect day trip to the lake and the woods is 32 km and takes only an hour’s drive from the main city. Alternatively, public transport takes about 1.5-2 hours to get you there.

2. Xativa

This small town near Valencia has its own personality and is known for its castle and steep slopes. The castle has got some amazing views with a lot of other things that you can explore in Xativa, like the Gardens of Jardin del Beso, the Black Cave of Cove Negra. Trip here is a really nice experience. You can get here by both car and train and its takes 50 minutes to reach there by both means.

3. Segorbe

The charming village of Segorbe is the finest town in the Province of Castellon. The ruins of Castle Alcazar, the narrow windings streets and the towers give you that medieval time feel, thus make this town one of the best day trip from Valencia. The town is 59 km away for Valencia and takes 50 minutes drive from the city centre. Alternatively, public transport gets you there in an hour’s time.

4. Bejis and Jerica

If you decide to visit Segorbe, than it is recommended to stop by and see the spectacle of the small villages of Bejis and Jerica. Bejis is well known for its fresh and clear waters, so don’t forget to stop by and take a sip from the fountains. It’s a 20 minutes drive from Segorbe and 70 minutes drive from Valencia. Buses takes about 2 hours to get you there.

5. Puig

This beautiful Royal Monastery of Santa Maria Puig is situated on top of a low hill, and was constructed on the order of King James I. It’s a known place for locals where weddings and other religious events are held. Puig is just a 15-20 minutes drive from the main city. You can alternatively take a train that gets you there in half an hour, or bus services that reach in 45 minutes.

6. Raquena

This place is a paradise for all the wine lovers in Spain as is the best tourist spot near Valencia for wine and cava tasting. There are wine cellars of Torre Oria and Hoya de Cadenes in this area. The city is also famous for their Spicy Potatoes. This place is 78 km from Valencia and takes about an hour drive from the city centre. Buses and trains take somewhere around 1.5h to get you there.

Valencia is all about its buildings, architecture, science and beaches! The castles, the views, the beaches are all that makes a holiday fun; the surroundings of Valencia have got it all. So pack your bags and book a ticket to this side of Spain!

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