Best Day trips from Ushuaia

Best Day Trips from Ushuaia

Best Day trips from Ushuaia

Ushuaia, a busy port and an adventure hub is huddled between the shores of the Beagle Channel and the formidable Andean Mountains in Argentina. Arguably the southernmost city in the world, a lot of travellers claim it to be the end-of-the-world. This resort town is relatively a young city, with most of it being transformed into a tourist destination only a couple of decades ago. Its remarkable location will let you unwind forests, mountains and sea, all at the same time while also indulge in hedonism in places like casinos, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, etc. Towering snow-capped mountains coupled with a spectacular view of the Beagle Channel make Ushuaia a magical spot for travellers. With that being said, there are a number of activities you can enjoy by taking a day trip from Ushuaia and experience the southernmost region’s wildlife and marvellous scenery. We have listed 5 day trips from Ushuaia for you to incorporate into your itinerary the next time you plan a vacation to the end of the world:

1. Martillo Island

Martillo Island is home to an incredible and one of the largest colonies of Gentoo and Magellanic penguins from September through April. This truly educational and informative tour lets you have a close one-on-one encounter with wildlife, the most cherished one being a stroll with the penguins in your special penguin-ish gait! Navigate by boat through the Beagle channel and experience the most picturesque view of this side of Argentina. After sailing back from Martillo, you can always choose to visit the Marine Mammals and Seabirds museum ‘Acatushun’ and marvel at that offbeat ‘end of the world’ vista. You can reach this Isle by combination of both land and sea. First reach the picturesque Haberton Farm which is 90 km from downtown Ushuaia. From there, a 15 min boat ride will take you to your destination.

2. Cerro Castor

A must day- trip from Ushuaia for all the ski lovers, Cerro Castor is the southernmost ski resort in the world. This gorgeous place hosts breathtaking climate and quite a fine quality of snow, much adored and frequented by ski enthusiasts. These are some of the characteristics which makes the season last longer here than the average winter seasons, making it the most desirable skiing resort across Argentina. The area entertains a large no. of visitors from all around the globe, not just Argentina, with 26 trails gracing the mountains that vary in degrees of difficulty and offer aplenty to keep you occupied. Cerro Castor also runs a school for skiing and snowboarding in case you want to try s hand on some new sport. Being just 26 km away from Ushuaia, you can easily reach the destination after a half an hour drive.

3. Tierra Del Fuego National Park

The world’s southernmost national park lies just 7 miles outside of Ushuaia. You can reach there by riding the famous end of the world train as you go on admiring the wonderfully serene glacial lakes. This fascinated train ride continues through the National Park which is, surprisingly, the same route that prisoners used to take chopped timber from the forest and transport to the city a long time ago. Next stop is the Ensenada Bay, where you revel in the beauty of Redonda and Estorbo Islands, starkly contrasting to which are the snow-capped Sampaio Mountains. Roca Lake will be your next destination ending the ride with the green and black lagoon. If you are a fan of those activities that gives a major adrenaline rush, then this is a tailor-made trip for you! Try some serious hiking and canoeing inside the National Park with a specialised guide and explore the area as you stroll through the forest alongside the beagle canal, revelling in the scenic mountain beauty. Learn about the end of the world while quietly canoeing down the calm rivers of Lapataia Bay, the place where you also get to know about the Yamanas, the first men who settled here. Relish the hot lunch prepared on the site close to the lake while ultimately finishing your trip while canoeing down the beagle canal, a place boasting abundant amphibian life such as ducks and geese. This excursion lets you unfold the wonders inside the mystic Tierra Del Fuego National Park as you get circumscribed by lush green forests and gigantic mountains. It is 12 km outside of Ushuaia and can reach there via land. Take your car or rent a taxi. Besides, there are shuttles running to and from Ushuaia to Tierra regularly.

4. Emerald Lagoon

Lose yourself in the alpine mountains as you trek towards the Emerald Lagoon. Discover the awe-inspiring Emerald Lagoon, a sparkling green lake hidden in the Fuegian Andes valley. You will start with a snowshoeing adventure till you reach Lenga forest. During the trek, catch glimpses of forest animals like foxes, condors, and beavers. The best time to cover this trek is between December and March, as that’s the time when the lake turns emerald. And between June and September, the lake generally freezes because of which, it becomes a little tough to hike. But once you reach the lagoon, the proximity with the glaciers and snow-covered trees will let you experience pure energy and sheer bliss. You can reach the starting point from Ushuaia via road, it generally takes under an hour to reach Tierra Mayor Valley. The whole experience takes 6-8 hours depending on the weather.

5. Lake Fagnano & Lake Escondido

Travel through to the valley to the southernmost stretches of the Fuegian Andes. Enjoy a breathtaking view of Patagonia as you explore the two hidden gems of this region, Lake Fagnano & Lake Escondido. If you enjoy skiing, then this day tour is a cherry on top for you, as the valleys of Patagonian regions are all famous destination for skiing in winters! Once you cross the sharply risen Andes at the Garibaldi Pass, hosts to the fantastic view of the Escondido Lake as you start to move down beside the Lake. This mind-blowing site also provides a perspective on local history for the history buffs. Once at the Cotorras Valley, you can indulge in a local delicacy of traditional Fuegian Lamb barbecue. In order to get there, you have to drive 60 km from Ushuaia. For the last few kms, you need to hike to the lake.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.